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i had direct tv for 3 yrs went to dish and had nothing but trouble out of thier best hdvr 722 dual tuner. This was the sorroiest piece of *** i ever had got rec replaced 3 times in 4 months.

So stay away from dish, went back to direct havent had a problem yet in 2 years.

Directv is the only sat company to me. If u have dish hd try direct to see what real 1080 is all about.The remotes that dish has are the most complex ive ever seen.Every time u want upgrade with dish u have to get a different dish and sign up 4 two more yrs.

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Hi, this is Alicia Brink. I'm with the Executive Offices of DISH Network.

I apologize that you were having so much trouble with the receivers. Keep in mind that if you have a TV that is capable of 1080 than you will receive that quality through your 722 receiver. If you are having trouble with the remote features and controls we have a full overview of them on our web for easy access. When you upgrade your account you will not need a new or different dish, this is generally only required when going from standard definition to high definition.

We do require a new 24 month agreement when you upgrade your equipment. Some companies like DIRECTV require a new agreement even if you have a receiver replaced due to a technical issue.

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