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First of all for all you guys thinking about switching to dish think about it long and hard. I have had nothing but problems with the phone and Internet.

The TV went in fairly quickly. The phone and Internet is a whole different story. The phone and Internet was supposed to be hooked up on a Friday the same week as the TV but there was some sort of error on Dish's part and after nobody showed up at the scheduled time of between 8 and noon I called and they rescheduled for the next day, Saturday, in the same time frame. The guy showed up at 1430 and was here for several hours hooking things up.

We got a bad modem and had to wait another week to have another one sent. Eight days without Internet and phone. We finally received the new modem and hooked it up ourselves.

We have had to unplug and plug the system in multiple times during the first month of this "service"(?). All the promises of better service than our previous carrier went up in smoke as far as I am concerned.

What a rip off these guys are. I didn't mind setting up a two year contract as long as I was provided with better service for less than what I was paying with Charter. This is a breach of contract by Dish and I do not think I should be charged $862.00 got Dish living up to what they told me. I am so disappointed with the "service"(?) I received with Dish.

Any time you call you are on hold for ever then passed on to multiple persons and you have to re tell your issues over and over again. It is such a waste of time not to mention the frustration involved. Too bad they can not produce what the have claimed to deliver.

Better Business Bureau here I come ! !

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $862.

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