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When I applied for dish it was to recieve a station called Bridges. I asked the installer about local channels in my area and was told for an additional fee cable would service them.

That was a lie, I called in to the co. and was told I was under a contract but could be serviced news from N.Y., then from Atlanta. After several calls, I was told if they disconnect me prier to my contract I would be charged an additional fee and I was. Then I recieved another bill saying I owe them a balance on the account, now I recieve a letter from a collection agency and this has been placed on my credit report.

This company is a danger to all consumers.

The better business burea should take action against this co.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Account.

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I had huge problems with Dish and they would not stop billing me. I finally emailed a complaint to the BBB and after much going back and forth they finally credited my account 100%.

I would suggest you go to and file a complaint. Their system should guide you to the Denver office where all Dish complaints are handled. Dish will be given 30 days to respond. They will likely stand their ground but just keep replying back to the BBB that this is not resolved.

Perhaps at the 3rd or 4th venture, as in my case, they will give in and give you back your money. The worst thing to do is to do nothing. Failure to reply will close the comlaint out of your favor, so just stay at it. It takes very little time compared to wasting your time trying to talk to the "customer service" (more like "customer DIS-service") agents on their 800 #.

Stand your ground and just keep after it. You are in the right and they know it, but they have figured out there is a lot of profit in the way they do business.

They will only do what you want if you are relentless. Best of luck to you with this.


i understand ur complaint but guess what all providers have a "i can change prices at anytime disclaimer"

Nunnelly, Tennessee, United States #20914

Late 2007 I was offered a "free" DVR upgrade from DishNetwork. I spoke with two reps who assured me that my only charge would be $5.98/mo...I'd have to pay $100.00 upfront, but that would be rebated.

I double checked these claims and went ahead and ordered. I was charged $150.00, they credited the $50, I got my $100 rebate, but then they bill me $5.98 PLUS and additional $5/mo rental fee. I called and asked about this, spent an hour on the phone and a supervisor apologized and said they'd waive the $5 rental fee for 18 months, the length of the contact...which makes the "deal" more equal to the deal they offered.

Now, a few months later, they've gone and added the $5 monthly rental back onto my bill. While I enjoy the product and the service, I detest the lies or repeated screw ups and would never encourage my friends to accept this kind of two faced support and service.

Hayneville, Alabama, United States #1666

Have a look at all the sites quoting hundreds of complaints about dish network..... class action imminent... :(

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