Blockbuster was purchased by Dish Network. Several weeks ago, I purchased a Blockbuster gift card from blockbuster, only to try and use it a few weeks later upon which I was told, they were no longer accepting it.

I complained that I didn't approve of them stealing my hard earned money, and that if I was to do that, I would be in jail. The manager let me know that on the same day they stopped accepting the gift cards, Dish network also cut all of their severance packages which they were promised. How much does it cost for bad PR? In this case, only $15 dollars since I am telling everyone I know about how these charlatans sold me a card knowing full well they wouldn't accept it in the future.

Dish network is run by thieves and liars.

And to think, before this happened I actually considered giving them my business. Way to go guys, I hope the $15 was worth it.

Monetary Loss: $15.

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Isn't it funny how Alicia is not throwing in her lousy 2 cents here, Alicia of Dish Network this is. She is always so quick to defend the company! Maybe she should read the comments posted here and let this all absorb into her pee-brain, and understand that people here are complaining because Dish Network sucks!


Great now not only is Dish Network cheating the people who use their TV service by taking away channels whenever they want but now they're stealing from their movie customers as well. What a terrible company. I've been saying for a while never deal with Dish Network.

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