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About April of last year I signed up with Dish Network. I paid them some $150.00 to just get the dish installed and activated.

One month later I was moved to Senior housing due to some medical issues. I called and tried to cancel, I was informed that I had a year contract and would be charged a early termination fee. I explained to them once again that you are not allowed to install anything on the building or to drill holes in the walls to run a cable in. They supply a cable company with the apt.

They then said I could pay a $5.00 a month fee and not have to worry, I told them that would be ok, but I ran into some difficulties and a payment was missed. I decided when the called to send their equipment back. After a couple of months they finally agreed to take it back. I felt that once that was done the matter should be closed.

Today a year later I am told by some collection agency that I owe $348.85 in early termination fees. I called and all they care about is getting the money. As I told the collection agency and now Dish it can just sit on my credit report until I die, I pay cash for anything I want I don't use credit cards or loans.

A month of use, over a $150.00 in early fees and somehow I still owe them ? No way will I ever pay any kind of blackmail and that is just what this company is a *** from the word go.

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Just a update on Dish, After several emails from TommyF at Dish I reached someone with his assistance and guidance who was able to correct the problem for me. And I will be returning back to Dish programing in the next week or so once my move is complete.



I am sorry for any frustration experienced. I would like to check this out and see what we can do. Since it would be account sensitive, can you please send me an email at

Tommy Faust

DISH Social Media Representative

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