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Dish should be sued again for breach of contract while negotiating with TCM they have discontinued Turners channels yet we are still being billed for the services and no notices were provided that the service was going to be disrupted!!!! Imagine they day they are doing negotiations on our behalf- this is libelous as they are doing it for themselves!!

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Arizona, United States #894155

Please quote the part of the contract that has been breached? Keep in mind I have a copy of the Residential Service Agreement to follow it with.

There are specific clauses that I can quote that not only allows them to remove them, but also allows them to remove them without warning and not adjust your bill. This is truly something that would be laughed out of court

to Satellite Fan Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States #899007

@satellite fan you can sit here and be direct sheeple all you want but the fact is without the customer there would be no Direct TV

to Jones Mesa, Arizona, United States #899079

It's a really good thing that Dish Network still has 14 million then. Again, no breach, you're getting emotional, but from the legal stand point, this was ALL agreed to.

So call me a "sheeple" all you want, but the fact that I understand what my relationship to Dish, or any cable provider has made this a whole lot easier. PS those thinking about just switching from Dish to Directv, here is something funny. They are bickering with AMC right now, and is a very real possibility to go black for a little bit.

Just like Dish with Turner. This happens to ALL pay TV compnies.

to Satellite fan Junction, Texas, United States #900656

Do you really 'like' your own comments? Pathetic...

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