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Poor Reliability, Very Poor Programing. All the TV services brag about their 99, 175, or 250 channels, or what have they.

Dish is especially poor. They have dropped the voom network. WHY? It had to be that it was costing them more than they were willing to pay, regardless of what the customers want, which is entertainment.

They promise big programing, but provide low, low, quality programing. Anything that's cheap. Doesn't have to be entertaining, just anything they can say is a channel. My contract is up in Nov.

and I will be switching back to Direct TV. They were a little pricier, but only a little, but their programing is/was exceptional. I will need to reevaluate, but I was happy before and used that happiness to assume that for less money I would be just as happy with DisH.


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Salvador, Bahia, Brazil #26513

They advertise "40 channels for $19.95", but those channels, for the most part, aren't channels you want to watch! Mall TV?

The Jewelry Channel? Are you kidding me? Plus, there's an extra $5 a month charge for local channels, which is where you find ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox. There's also an extra $5 per month fee if you want the DVR.

And the emphasis is definitely on sales, not service. You will wait at LEAST three days for the most minor adjustments, and every time there's a strong wind, you will need one. Heavy cloud cover or heavy rain blocks the signal. And calling customer service is an exercise in frustration.

Good luck trying to find a rep whose first language is English. I was a dispatcher there for a year, and I wouldn't ever get Dish Network.

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