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Called Dish Network to find out if I could get service in my name. I couldn't, however, my mom allowed the guy to get sevice started through her account.

He told us repeatedly that it would be a one time charge using her account. Never did he mention the contract, early cancellation fees, etc. After three months they cancelled due to non-payment, which was understandable. I am on a fixed income.

More important bills come first in my house. So then they started blowing up my phone with calls, and got real bold and dropped the equipment box by my side door without notice.Immediately I was not interested in Dish Network anymore. I called to complain. Recieved my last bill late, so service was fully terminated.

I never cancelled my service, but now they are trying to take $440.00 out my mother's account for cancellation fees, and I was the one who signed the paper. I should've read the papers first instead of going by what the guy on the phone said. They also promised us a $25.00 gift card upon service set up supposedly for my mom's kindness. Never got it.

Only card for refer a friend. I HATE DISH NETWORK! I never really wanted their service anyway.

I'd rather dealt with Direct TV instead. Dish was my last resort.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Tv Service.

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I'm sorry you feel that way about the service provided thus far and would be more than happy to assist you if I could please get your account or phone number at so I can take a look at your information and see what we have going on. Thank you and I look forward to discussing this with you further!

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