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So an update, on all the fun with Dish Network. Mike from Texas, the Dish guy who posts nice comments after everyone's rant, is just a fall guy. After dealing with him twice now, I can say from those crappy experiences, that he is NO HELP AT ALL.

He told me the same thing as the last person I spent hours with on the phone @ Dish...............

He invited me to send them a copy of my Mother's death certificate. Gee, thanks Guy.

I guess the point was completely lost on them, that I took the time to send them back their equipment, despite the fact that they over charged her debit card EVERY single month, and that I am not responsible for my mother's bill.


Original review posted by user Nov 12, 2013

This is not my first complaint about Dish, but until I opened my mail today, I thought I had seen their worst .

My Mother died in March. I phoned Dish Network, explained what had happened and asked them how to get them back her equipment.

The agent on the phone was actually nice,(as they often are) said that they would mail me a box, to send their console and remote back and that once it was received, her account would be closed and since she was paid up until her death, there would be no balance due.

I asked at that time, could they please send me an e-mail confirmation detailing my call and their terms...of course not, they're

Dish. I then asked, can you please send me something by snail mail

detailing the terms...of course not, they're Dish.

Basically, whenever you call them regarding any issue, the poor agents are generally nice helpful people, who will assure you that your problem is resolved, not to worry and then you can absolutely count on the fact , that the same error with your bill, will be there , next month

Anyhoo, today I opened a bill from a collection agency, sent on behalf of Dish Network for 211.13, about five months after I sent them back their equipment . After another 45 excruciating minutes on the phone with them, I was told it was an early termination fee coupled with monthly fees charged as no one had called to close the


I tried to explain that the only way they would have sent me the boxes to return their stuff was if I had placed a call to cancel, cause you can't use their service, without the ***. But by design, on their end, there is no proof of what transpired in our phone conversation, or any evidence of what turns out (for the umpteenth time) to be their empty promises.

When they transferred me to their "account specialist" she again said the account had not been canceled, and that their was an early termination fee but that if I sent them my mother's death certificate, they would just charge me 17.00 for packing up THEIR stuff and sending it back to them.

Before I lost it, I told the "account specialist" that my Mom did not switch to NETFLIX or sign up with Hulu, she DIED.

I hate them

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Really...are you kidding?!

Conroe, Texas, United States #758069


Please understand that changes like cancelling the service at the request of someone who is not the account holder must be performed with more caution than other simpler business transactions. We set these measures for the sake of security of the customer to prevent any possible fraudulent issues from taking place.

Conroe, Texas, United States #742580


I would appreciate your efforts if you could please email me at with some details of the situation. Where are you seeing the dish satelitte? Is it on your property?

Conroe, Texas, United States #742579


If you could please email me your account number at, I can take a look at our options and see what we can do.


You think dealing with dish is bad wait until you have to deal with the neighborhood and/or local code enforcement once they put up a big ugly multi color dish with writing on it.

to UglyDishesRaBillboard Inglewood, California, United States #742418

Re: eyesores on roof. I am with you. I asked

for ours to be installed in least visible location,

@ back of building, then my knucklehead

next door neighbors had theirs screwed onto

my parapet wall in FRONT.

That was another couple of hours on the phone

Trying to convince Dish that they did not have

permission to install the neighbors equipment

on my property... Duuuuuh!

Conroe, Texas, United States #742053


I'm sorry to hear about your loss and can only imagine what you must be going through right now. I'd like to extend our deepest condolences to you on behalf of DISH and would appreciate your efforts if you could please email me the phone number or account number at so I can review the information and get this straightened out. I'll look forward to your response and the opportunity to relieve some of the stress.

to MikeLDISH123 #742544

Sending account #. Location is actually Inglewood


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