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My disabled father was trying to cancel his Dish Network account before moving and after getting a divorce. The account was in his former wife's name for some reason only her name.

His credit card was being charged a credit card that she wasn't even an authorized user on. When we called (I'm his POA he has Parkinson's and cannot hold a telephone) we were given the run around EVERY time. Finally we found out that they can and will charge someone's credit card without their permission when they aren't even listed on the Dishnetwork Account. Also they WILL NOT cancel the account without the person who opened the account's request (she wouldn't cancel it she didn't care they were divorced and she didn't live there anymore).

They finally after 5 phone calls told us the ONLY way to cancel the service and for them to STOP charging my father's credit card was to return the equipment. They sent the boxes, I called them again to verify exactly what I was sending back and I boxed it up and sent two boxes back with their equipment. I took a picture of the UPS tracking with my cell phone luckily because they charged my father for February's month of billing and then in April they charged a $350 equipment charge. I called them another 3-4 times and they wouldn't give me any info because again it was my father's former wife that the account belonged to (even though they kept charging my father's credit card).

Finally I get a hold of someone who says they will help. They verify that on January 29 @10:30am the equipment was received by them. They promise to credit my father's credit card with the $350. It's been three months and still no credit.

Of course we've called back over and over and we get hung up on, they play dumb like an account NEVER existed and so on. I've filed a complaint with the better business bureau.

I cannot believe that they can get away with this stuff. I think they should be ashamed of themselves.

Monetary Loss: $467.

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Aurora, Colorado, United States #699759

Hi there ckiefer, my name is Kimberly and I form part of the Social Media Department with DISH. I am sorry to hear about the experience you've had with us. Please know that I am here to help and would love to further look into this for you and search for the best possible resolution. Please email me the account information at: so I can help.

Kimberly Escobar

Social Media Representative


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