A reliative was liiving in my house and subscribed to dish network. The relative was disabled and later died of their illness.

Upon their death I called to have the service discontinued. I explained the situation and was told to send the equipment back in a box they provided. I paid the remainng bill for the service and sent the equipment back that required no shipping charges. I started getting phone calls everyday about a few months later saying I owed them the shipping charges.

They kept calling and I explained that I had not signed any contract or requested the service. I was told since I permitted it to be installed on my house I was responsible for the shipping charges. I was tolld if I didn't pay they would submit that on my credit report.

After about two weeks I paid the amount due to being harassed everyday and the possibility of problems even though they didn't have of my personal information except name and address and phone number. I will never get Dish network and also passed this to others considering satillite tv.

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If you supplied them with a copy of the death certificate, the whole thing would have been waived!!! From the sounds of it, you didn't fax in a copy.

Fax in a copy and ask for a refund for all payments made since that date. They should refund it, or you can file a suit.



I am terribly sorry to hear of your experience. I would be happy to provide more info and if needed review anything on this.

The S&H when returning equipment upon disconnect is $15. Since this was a special situation, I would have to look at the account to privde additional assistance on that.

You shouldn't have been held responsible for an account in his name. The only way you would be is if your SSN was used when the account was setup.

If you would like me to look into this with you and check other options available, send me an email directly at thomas.faust@dish.com and I would be more than happy to check this out.

Tommy Faust

DISH Social Media Representative

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