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Dish Network does not state anywhere in the contract nor were we informed by any service representative prior to signing the contract that there is absolutely no 'grace period'. We purchased Dish Network exactly 10 days ago.

Believing the many advertisements you can see on their own website and a few televised commercials that the "Try us for free" statements were valid, we ordered dish network to try it out. We called prior to what we thought was within our 'grace period' to cancel services. We called around 6 pm on August 4th, 2012 and spoke to a service representative. Just before tying loose ends to finally cancel service, which we are extremely unhappy with, the representative calmly declared that we will be paying a $437.00 cancellation fee.

The early termination fee is outrageous and clearly trickery. I am a nursing student and my husband works part time, we can not afford to pay such a high fee. After pleading and explaining our case with the representative we were then directed to Diane Boush, a lower end manager.. who yet again then stated we will have to pay the fee regardless if we are unhappy with service.

After reviewing the contract, there is a clear statement regarding the cancellation fee that the fee is in the "option of the sales representative" meaning that the fee is not obligatory or crucial and completely under the discretion of the representative handling the cancellation. Sharing this information with Diane, she rudely stated that they will be charging us and abruptly transferred us to a different manager, Tim Obers. Tim was very unkind and unwilling to work with us, (his costumers) as he described regardless of how early we are cancelling service, even if it was on the first day, the $437.00 would apply. We aren't getting most of the channels due to bad reception, and will be moving soon so we thought it would be best to cancel.

How is this even legal? They are falsely advertising free trials when there are none and binding costumers to contracts for services that are almost non-existent. We are extremely unhappy and will be sharing this information with everyone we know, hopefully deterring our friends and family from ever purchasing Dish.

They do not work with their costumers and are rude and have completely outrageous policies in order to scam costumers out of more money. Just terrible

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Sales Representative.

Monetary Loss: $437.

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I've reviewed your post and found it interesting! Allow me to help you with that.

Could you please email me your account number so I can look over it and get your concerns cleared up? My email address is and your cooperation is appreciated!


willie godman,

I'd be happy to help you with that to improve your experience with our service! Could you please email me your account number so I can look over it and see what I can do? My email address is and I hope to hear from you!



Your post caught my attention as I found it interesting and would like to help! If you could, please email me your account number so I can have a look at it to assist you in getting an appropriate resolution figured out. My email address is and I look forward to hearing from you!


I was no longer in the Customer Service Resolution calls department on the date this person said they were transferred to me and I have never been in Management at Dish. I request that my name be removed from this person's complaint immediately.


I have been a customer with dish network for over 14 years, Well my (Their leased receiver's) hard drive played out on it and they said they would over night me a new one (bet it's refurbished). Does this sound like overnight to you, the CSP said UPS doesn't run on Sunday so it would be Tuesday when I get it and it would cost twenty dollars to have it shipped to me OR I could take out a protection plan for seven dollars a month and it wouldn't cost me anything for shipping.

Now this is where I lost it, I pay them for a service I think they should provide the necessary equipment for that service since they won't let me buy the equipment, I called twice and each time talked to two different people each time, Well I gave up and got the protection plan cheaper that having it shipped and I can cancel next month (who remembers to do that). I was on line and looking at my account and I saw where I updated my credit card that it was not set up for dish auto pay, So I call again to straighten it out and the guy ask how I was doing today, told him not to good, He asked what was wrong and I told him, he said he was going to see what he could do for me,Well somebody will be here with a new one Monday morning, this guy went out of his way to help me while the other 4 said that is the way it is take it or leave it.


We have to pay to return the receivers, when the person that installed the receivers brought them with him the day he installed service for us. This makes no sense since they are making money from us to ship their junk back to them.

I am owed a refund of $40.65, but they will charge me $34.00 to ship their receivers back to them. This means I will only get back $6.65, if they even decide to sent me back the balance.

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