I've had direct tv for 4 years. I was recently at a Fall Festival in Plymouth, MI and a salesman approached me about Dish Network.

I was afraid to switch because we had decent service with Direct TV. Well, the installer Brent came over to install the new dish network dish (which may i add was a very nice guy and very knowledgable). The first thing we noticed was the picture quality (no we did not purchase the high def package). With all the rain we had i was sure the picture would go out as it did with just a bit of rain with direct tv.

It was storming and still had a picture! So far I LOVE DISH NETWORK and it's about $25 a month cheaper.

It was well worth the switch!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Tv Package.

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I agree, had Direct with no problems, switched to Dish due to HD programming 2 years ago. Big mistake.

Possibly HD issue so I may be unfair but terrible pixelation and audio drop outs. Called Dish, always get someone I can barely understand Ask for "Advanced service" get an American, still not fixed.

Will switch back in March when contract expires Very unhappy.. PS Agree with weather outages occasionally w/Direct (more frequent than Dish) but at least I can watch & hear my programs!

Good luck.


Just give it time - you'll hate it soon enough. Wait 'til your bills start coming in at double and triple the correct amounts, and 'til you have to call and waste hours of your life talking to people who barely speak english, and don't know how to put notes in the system.

Dish Network scams everyone, and has THE absolute WORST customer service on the planet.


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