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Just had Dish Network installed yesterday Saturday July 21st, 2012. Originally I was told by the "Salesman" that I would be only signing up for a 12 Month contract.

After the installer completed the install I noticed the contract said it was a 24 month contract and pointed out that it should only be a 12 month contract. The installer told me I was only signing his work order and that I could call customer service to straighten out the contract. I spoke to the "Loyalty" department only to be told over and over again that what I signed was a contract and nothing can be done. I apparently did sign the 24 month contract, shame on me, but the part that really bothers me is the lack of concern on their part for the situation.

Its not like I sat on this for months and then decided to call and complain about the mistake, I called immediately. I will honor my contract because it is my responsibility but will also file complaints with every agency that has any involvement with companies that do business like this company. We were deceived form the start and feel like deception is a typical sales strategy for this company to get you locked in to a contract. I will also at the end of my contract cancel my service and never do business with this company again.

I also know of seven other customer that currently do business with this company and will do anything I can to get them to cancel their service even if I have to absorb some of the cost for them to change. My advise to anyone planning to do business with Dish Network would be first, DONT DO IT, but if you do make sure you read every line of the contract before the installer does anything and refuse the install if it isn't correct.

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Victor Guzman,

I'm sorry to hear that you've a poor experience with our service and would be more than happy to help you! Could you please email me your account number so I can look over it and assist further? My email address is and I appreciate your efforts!



That's great to hear! I'm very glad you've been enjoying the service and programming!

I hope that continues and if you have any questions, I'm always available to help so please let me know! My email address is and I wish you a wonderful day!


I've been a Dish Network customer since 1996. It doesn't matter to them, though.

I just used their web site to downgrade my programming package after I verified on their web site that my favorite channel was still available in the less expensive package. I turned my TV on and noticed my favorite channel wasn't there. I called customer service and they said my favorite channel wasn't available in the lesser expensive package.

I told him the web site said it was. He couldn't care less.

DanB@Dish Network

@Shirlingj, I'm sorry for any possibe miscommunication. We haven't offered 12 month contracts in close to ten years so I'm not sure exactly how this would have happened.

I will be more than happy to review your acocunt to ensure that everything was handled properly. Please send me an e-mail


Just got dish and am extremely pleased with the entire experience!

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