I had been a Dish Network customer for 5 years. I went to switch my old dish for an HD dish, and upgrade my recvr's.

After all was said and set up, the installer came out, took one look and said, nope, cant do it. I didn't understand why (when I already had a dish) and called the customer sevice people. They also said that oh, that sometimes happens. I asked her for any other options, if someone else could come look and she said no.

I asked again, and said that basically I was going to have to switch to there competitor so I can get HD and she said yes. I asked her to credit my account back for the new charges etc. She did, and I was not charged. A few weeks later, after researching a new company, I called to cancel, and they all of a sudden wanted to re evaluate my situation, send someone out and offer me a deal.

It was too late, my new dish was installed, now I will have to pay more a month and they lost a previously satisfied customer. I am happy now with my HD TV and dish although I am paying more, and would have gladly stayed with them, but I guess they just figured that even though I have an HD TV, the picture wouldnt be worth me switching.

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these phone calls should be recorded and monitored more frequently and all the rude or ineffective customer service reps should be fired. there are plenty of people out there that could easily do their jobs and not be jerks!


they are still in business because they can pay off lawyers with all the money they rip off of people!! i used to have direct tv, shouldve kept it, big mistake!!!


Hi, this is Alicia Brink. I'm with DISH Network.

I apologize that it was not clarified for you. We would love to keep valued customers like you so we do try to make every effect to upgrade your system for you; however, sometimes even though you have DISH already when you are changing to HD you will not be able to get a line of sight to where the signal is being broadcasted from for HD channels.

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