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I recently moved to an apartment building where DISH cannot be installed because of the location of the balcony, etc., so this is not anything I can control. However, they have charged me the contract cancellation fee anyway.

Also, a couple years ago, I purchased my own receivers from DISH at $100 each in order to avoid contracts and equipment rental fees. However, they are now stating that you will still be on a contract and you don't quality for programming special deals. This sounds like their way of forcing you to rent their equipment. So, it's a bad deal for customers any way they look at it.

This all sounds to me like DISH wants FREE money no matter what, and no matter what you can't win; they are always right. This kind of business dealing is not necessary. You get and keep more customers with honesty and some fairness. They should treat customers as they would want to be treated because everyone is a customer somewhere.

One last thing, every DISH employee has a different opinion about things. I wouldn't trust anything they say over the phone. So, the customer is always a liar in their eyes. What a horrible way to do business. Shame on DISH. I hope someone learns from my mistake and doesn't get involved with DISH unless they own their own home and don't plan on moving at least for until the contract runs out.

I don't know how crooks such as DISH are allowed to treat the customer/consumer this way. It ought to be against the law to rip people off.

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Hi, this is Alicia Brink. I'm with DISH Network.

I apologize about the confusion. I know that when you move it may not be completely your decision. When you have a contract we verify that you are able to get signal in your current location. The reason we have a contract for 24 months is because we put a large investment into you when you first start.

We do have options where you can purchase equipment this ranges from 149.00-749.00 depending on the type of receiver you are having installed. Upon purchasing equipment if you do not want a contract you would not receive any promotions that are incentives for signing a commitment as well as the install would have to be paid for or done by yourself. We do have promotions available for leased equipment without contracts. We do not charge a leased receiver fee, the charge you may be referring to is for additional outlet fees for programming access.

Any time you have more than one TV viewing program we charge a programming access fee for each TV. When you are considering moving we recommend that you get with the potential landlord and verify they allow DISH Network as well as try to find an apartment that has a clear view of the southern sky. We can also provide you with information regarding your legal right to have DISH installed at your apartment if needed. If you are still unable to get DISH at your new location we are able to move it to an alternate location such as a friend or family members.

We can always downgrade your programming package to fit their needs, we have programming packages starting as low as 19.99 per month. If you still have any questions regarding charges or options available please let us know.


They are doing the same thing to me now. Its not fault of mine that my apartment office won't allow the DISH on the roof.

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