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We thought we wanted HD since we have an hd tv, sounds simple.

Just order it and it is yours, just watch for the coupons you should get off the web( you only have 60 days) don't delay or you won't get jack except a high bill.

Tried to work it out told them to stick it, was not happy with that so we get the movie channels and a higher bill.

Ok sucks to pay 100+ per month but it was cold and we did not have to go get movies.

Then the reciever quits, call and explain the problem and a new one arrives about 4 days later. Hook it up and everything seems to be ok(after about 1hr on phone with dish).

We are going on three months after we send in the old reciever and we get a bill from dish 700.70(we also have the ins offered from day 1) for a broken reciever.

What!!! 700.00, evidently even though they send you a box with the shipping details prepaid they still want me to pay for the reciever that was damaged in shipment that they accepted???????

Now the reciever only works if you never turn it off(if you do it will not restart untill you cycle the power).

What a joke I am glad we kept cable just for this, dish network, stay away! guard your money ! They will have to go to court to get mine!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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Keep your children or man in check most likely the coperate on that one, its not likely that some random person decided to open your account and make PPV purchases for you. And the Dish Leaseing contract stats YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE RECEVER TELL THEY GET IT.

So shipping damage is held against you. next time read the agrement.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #7915

Watch out for Dish NetWork. They will bill you for PPV you never orderd .

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