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I'm half-assed watching tv and a commercial goes by that looks interesting, but I missed some of it by not paying attention. So I skip back to see the commercial again, and it's gone, replaced by a commercial for a different product. Dish Network, what's going on?

I'm watching tv and I change the channel. I get a commercial. I change to another channel and get another commercial. Since I'm watching sports, which feature commercials at irregular intervals, this seems odd. It also seems odd that I get a commercial about 70% of the time I change channels, since commercial time is only about 20% of air time. So I ask you, Dish Network, what's going on?

(Or am I slowly going insane from watching too much tv?)

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Tv Service.

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Commercials are typically controlled by the channel owners. They have started doing "interactive" commercials, which gives you one commercial, and you go back and it gives another. This is to make more money because of customers who use DVR

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