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I had Dish Network installed 3 weeks ago. Firstly I have to cancel the service due to myself being relocated to South Africa. *** idiots I spoke with could hardly speak English, and after trying to tell the same person its a different country I am moving to, he still proceed to ask me to transfer the service to where I am moving too :))) After asking to speak to a supervisor and holding for 20 minutes, he informed me that I need to transfer the service to a family member or have the new tenants take over the contract. Well being from South Africa and not knowing if I will be residing there for a while or return to the USA, the so called Supervisor was no help to me and told me that I have committed to a contract and will be liable for the +/- $400 charge for cancelling the service. Yea after 3 weeks having the service??? He was nice enough to inform me that he will put the account on Hold for however many years till I return, so tell me what happens with the equipment in 4 years, gets stolen damaged........... still have to pay the $400.

Firstly the sales person was very friendly and PUSHING me to have the service installed the next day.

Had to pay an upfront fee of more than $100

We have 2 humongous dishes in the front of the house, due to them not being able to get a signal, yea 2! Why not use the present Dish that was already here?

The internet signal sucks!!!

The service agent that installed the equipment left a cable running about 20 yards across my driveway, I was told he was coming the next day to bury it, NOT.

The cables hanging from the side of the house is completely exposed and looks terrible.



Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Installation.

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Farmville, Virginia, United States #742038

I hope the mail copied and shared from Dish opens more consumers eyes!!!!!!

Our executive department has deemed the early termination fee valid as your service was just activated not quite a month ago. Please understand it costs our company money each time we send out a technician for an installation or any appointment. I understand you’re uncertain of how long you’re going to be out of the country, but DISH Pause is an option for you. If you opt against it and to have the account cancelled instead, the early termination fee stands.

Thank you,

Mike LeMar

Social Media Representative


Conroe, Texas, United States #741983

natasha s,

I've just replied and do appreciate your patience as I had a chance to review the situation. Thank you for your efforts and it's a pleasure to assist you.



I have emailed you the information requested. I also appreciate the comment of not giving it publicly, but after sending the email now for the 3rd time, what else do you suggest I do????

Prolonging the circumstances :( ???

Conroe, Texas, United States #741551

natasha s,

While I appreciate your information, I would recommend against displaying it in public view due to its sensitive nature for your security. Please email me at the address I've provided and I'll look forward to your follow-up. Thank you.

Conroe, Texas, United States #738978


Please email me your account number at so I can take a look at your information and the situation. Thanks and I hope to hear from you!

to MikeLDISH123 #740915


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