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I purchased dish network a year ago. Since I've had it every month is a poblem.

Customer Serivice reps. Some of them not all of them are just idiots. Took me three weeks to get a remote control sent out and set up with the television, and then next month all kind of fees came out of the woodwork. Even a fee for come out to fix there faulty equipment.

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REALLY!

Then the offer coupons like that's a satisfaction to supplement problems since. i had the service, thought about going to comcast they are no better, and what is this thing about being billed a month in advance.

Monetary Loss: $103.

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Timed Out2

I truly agree with I HATE THAT I EVER DEALT WITH DISH NETWORK. They removed $210.18 from my account when I called and request that they not pull from the account the rep gave met two options,one was to send a receiver back and then call back in to make a payment didn't happen they pulled it any way without permission.

I have talked wiht several supervisors and executive reps nothing has been done. I guess now I can take it to the media and where ever else I need to. I am truly aggravated with DISH NETWORK.

Ever blog I can post on I will let them know. I feel it very unfair and I am tired of just apologies and pay per view coupons.


Hello, I have been a customer for more than 2 1/2 years, I am now on a month to month

basis, there is and has been a question about the billing on my account that remains unanswered.

I have tried to get this answer now for more than 5 months, when I tried to cancel this

portion of service at that time I didn't want it to be a huge deal, it was just something I never ordered or wanted or needed. I believe you have charged me more than 80 dollars for this service, at ten dollars a month ( your companies response to this competitors product (Blockbuster) that was a little late in coming), but the question of why you have charged me month after month to this date has not been answered even by the 3 supervisers I have spoken with, only a credit of 10 dollars, then changed to 20 when I disagreed. The whole amount should be credited pure and simple.

So Ill ask you the same question? If I didn't order the service why were you charging me for the service even after I tried to cancel it 4 times? 6 months ago online, followed by a requests 4 months ago in chats with your reps, then when that credit wasn't completed I was told there was no record of the request even though I found proof of a partial credit in my billing records as recorded on Feb 17th 2012. I would like an answer on this not just the usual run around that makes this company look like a hypocrite in light of their newest commercial that portrays a customer that is drawn in then is billed as this company Dishnetwork continues to fail in offering a reasonable answer, I see this heading for small claims court on just a matter of principle. If this company in it's marketing and sales practices fell short of answering it's main competitors recent success in captuiring the market and a large share of that market I should not be forced to buy that product and pay for their short comings- plain and simple!.


DA Johnson


Hi Timed Out2,

I apologize it took so long to get a resolution, and if any fees were misunderstood. I would need to look at the account in order to assist you with this. Since it is account sensitive, can you send me an email to

Tommy Faust

DISH Social Media Representative

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