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I believe it was just a few months ago, that I wrote detailing a 300.00 charge that was erroneously

charged to my credit card, by dish network. It took me hours on the phone to reach a sane person

who was able to establish that the equipment they were billing me for, was not in my possession.

She was efficient and reversed the charge, but was not able to return to me all the time it wasted on

my end nor give me back the cell phone minutes squandered on something that was a blatant mistake on their part.

Imagine my chagrin, when I just looked at my new Dish statement, and found the SAME BOGUS

CHARGE! It would be annoying if it was three dollars, but it's infuriating that it's 300.00!

Here we go again...


Monetary Loss: $300.

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Thank you for letting us know about this as it's definitely something I want to look into for you and get resolved! If you would be so kind, please email me your account number so I can have a look and provide you the appropriate resolution. My email address is and I'll enjoy the opportunity to assist you further!

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