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I called dish network in march of 2012 to inquire about setting up service. My landlod had recommended dish and I was tired of paying cable over $200.00 a month. When I spoke to a salesman I made it perfectly clear that I had 3 HD tv's and wanted hd recievers and I loved the dvr feature and the ability to order pay per veiw with the push of a button. The salesman assured me free HD for life as long as I signed up for autopay and was sure to provide all my favorite channels with a package for $29.99 per month. I was thrilled with the rate and set up an appointment for the following week. My initial charge for installation and recievers was $162.00 plus all premium movie channels and blockbuster free for 3 mimths they would also refund 50.00 after 30 days. I also gave them my landlords info to credit him $50.00 for the referall. I was so glad to be telling optimum to shove it! Boy...what a big mistake! My service tech showed up on time and was very friendly and I had my tvs up and running in an hour. I did ask the tech why the HD was not on and he explaimed that we needed to get a different cord to hook up the the box. Ok...thought that was an easy fix. Things go south pretty fast from here...

1. My package didnt have the channels I specifically requested..I called and upgraded for $10 more..fine

2. My pay per veiw was not working called in to find out that I do not have that service and if I want to order any movies I need to use the movie channels and call them first and pay $9.95 per thanks Ill go to a movie theater for that price..I was then informed that my account is a prepay! Oh..REALLY.why not tell me that before hand!

3. I do not have any HD boxes!! Upon doing some reasearch I discover I have sd boxes and no dvr in my bedroom! Now Im pissed.

I call dish network via India and think they will most definitley fix these issues. No! They inform me that I do not qualify for hd and if I want it I need to pay $1500.00 to LEASE the recievers! I told them that will not work for me so I get transferred to a "higher up" who says to me that they would be doing me a huge favor by only charging me $500.00 per box and that thats what I would have paid for at installation!?? Are you kidding me? I told them that if they had quoted me that price for installation I would have declined there offer. I then told them I would need to cancel my service due to the I am not gettung the services I requested. After being transferred again Im told that they would be happy to cancel my service for a payment of $298.00! I asked why....I was told that I signed a 2 year contract! I never signed any contract and why would I if Im a pre pay customer. They said that the electronic pad the installer had me sign was acually my contract? I told them that if that was my contract why wouldnt the tech have told me and asked me to read all 4 pages! This dummy says"its not the techs responsability to tell you that its a contract! I assumed it was a work order....

I asked them to produce my contract and send me a copy via email. I was put on hold for about 35 min before she comes back and says that the transportation department must still have it in there paper wirk and they can get it to me in 10 -14 days....hmmm. I told them that no nobody has any contract with my name on it because I NEVER SIGNED ONE and if they copied my signature over to a standard cintract they would be very sorry. They then transferred me again to an american with no accent whom I could understand who told me they would disconnect my service on july 5th(today) with no ETF and all I would need to do was mail my boxes back in a box they would send with a pre paid shipping label...great.

Im now scared because I have been reading all these horror stories about people being charged numorous fees minths after cancellation! They have my credit card number in file and have refused to remove that even legal? I will be getting a new card! I also recorded a conversation today with them stating there will be no further charges and no ETF...Still worried tho. not use dish! I got my optimum back at a great deal for 2 years and not ine penny was paid for installation of equipment! Ive learned my lesson...I will be a cable subscriber til my dying day!

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Little Rock, Arkansas, United States #922596

Had a lot of problems reception when I first installed dish,now I am losing channels with repeats,more commercials,now I LOST FOX NEWS!

ITS TIME TO LOSE dish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I'm sorry to hear about all the confusion that came up when you signed up for the service! I'd like to help you in getting all of your concerns reviewed and sorted out.

What would be a big help is if you could please email me your account number so I can go over it for all pieces of information and see what I can do. My email address is and I look forward to hearing from you!

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