Dish Network has a new Scam on returning Equipment. I had 2 dvr's and one plain box and wanted to return them early so I paid the disconnect fee and they sent me 2 boxes with serial numbers already on them for the 2 dvr's with a note that stated if you had additional boxes they were obsolete and you should throw them away.

Two months later I received a bill for 200.00 for the junk box that they told me to dispose of, lucky I did not throw it away. And when I told them I still had it they were dumbfounded "YOU STILL HAVE IT" let me get my supervisor I don't know what to do. After arguing and telling them I kept the sheet they sent me they sent me another box and I returned it.

Of course I had to pay the shipping on all 3 boxes which is over 60.00. To top it all off I was also told I would only owe them 30.00 for the disconnection fee because I had just paid my ridiculous 110.00 bill but when the bill arrived it was around 100.00 and I of course argued but was given a whole line of excuses.

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I personally mailed my mother’s dish equipment back from Noth Chelmsford, MASSACHUSETTS. I put the tracking receipt in my pocketbook and didn’t check it.

Three weeks later my 89 year old mom is bombarded with phone calls saying, they never got the package. I am beginning to think it’s a well crafted plan Dish has going.


Hi my name is Mike Houston a Social Media representative at DISH. I am happy to help you with the return of the boxes and equipment; I would like to check the account notes and equipment on the account to better help you. Would you e-mail me at michael.houstondish.com for further assistance?

Houston, Texas, United States #606872

So what? 100 channels of selling ***, no good channels are free to watch. Dish has all customers who move leave the whole dish behind, there are hundreds of dish LNBs around for free.

Most of what ZZ said is really lame BS.

To the customer of Dish:

$200 is for a HD sinle receiver, so if you had an HD receiver they never said trash it. Why do you need to BS about this? You screwed up...not their fault.

Dallas, Texas, United States #592626

They also want you to send back the pickup on the dish itself. This is because with a DVR, there are about 100 unencrypted channels you can view.

Question: If everyone agrees that Dish fibs about everything and is unreliable, why do you believe they have an iron-clad contract and you have no choice?

Tip: I can't find that anyone that has sued Dish has lost. Just my opinion.

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