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AT&T sales people told me about all the new technology with these new small dishes I would have great reception no tiling and very little trouble with rain storm receptions..BS!!

I am constantly resetting the reciever, It went out during the Masters while the sun was shining any hint of rain and I have no service..

They want over $200 to cancel a misleading contract or pay them extra to have somebody TRY to fix a system that constantly is out...SO they feel they deserve to be paid for failing to deliver service!! I am very PSSED at this point


Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Tv Service.

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embarq offers a 3bundle for 137.99 and i have had it for 4 months and have yet to pay 137.99 +tax. dishtv is part of the bundle and it is a rip off their part of my bill should be 57.99 i have never been charged that nor did i receive my 15dollars off for the bundle so please beware of the crooks that are selling you a bunch of ***.

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