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Find a charge today in my checking account for $280. Called DISH and told it was an early cancellation fee. However, I was told that was being waived due to the constant billing errors we experienced!

We canceled our service due to the headache of fighting our bills. I finally asked if I paid the balance due can I cancel without a termination fee in which case the lady i spoke with (Joyce) told me sure!

Low and behold weeks later I get a charge for $280...WITHOUT MY CONSENT!!!. I am working with the bank to put a fraud alert on my account if I can! This is heinous and bullying! When i called to get an explanation they...(3 different people...Cassie, Stephanie and Naomi) said there was no record of the call??? What the ***? No record?

I in fact called twice last week to verify they recieved the recievers I returned! and was again told that there would be no further charges to my account!

DISH network is full of crooks and bully's! i was even tolf by one lady that the only way for me not to be charged for the early termination was if I killed myself!! I am very seriously thinking about pursuing this further!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Tv Service.

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They pulled somthing like that with me to. After having there service for 5 years I tried to cancel and I was told I was under contract because my hoppers card went bad a year ago and they had to replace the whole thing, so they count that as an upgrade


Dish ran a charge on my wife's debit without authorization. My wife accepted an offer for a free month of movie channels and was told it would not change the contract terms.

When I went to cancel and move to Direct TV at the end of the contract period, I was told I had six months left to go because my wife accepted the free month of movies. When I said she was told doing so would not effect the contract terms, the CS rep said that is true, because the right to extend six months is buried in the small print of the contract..."so legally the contract never changed." I cancelled the debit card I set up with Dish to pay online but forgot my wife had used her card to order the service originally.

When they could not charge my card, without authorization they charged my wife's. I spoke to the bank and they said she could dispute the charge and hopefully get the money back and that they see such things all the time because Dish is famous for such tricky practices.


I personally won't ever go back to dish. I agree that their customer support is absolutely ridiculous.

No matter how hard they say they are 'trying' it is just a waste of time. In fact I have yet to talk with anyone that was competent enough to take care of anything, until I got ahold of their executive resolution Dept. Which I'd still say wasn't stellar in fact one guy named Rick drove me nuts at that level.

Was a 15 year customer returning after a brief stay with dtv, which also sucks but at least who"s equipment worked. Word of mouth is powerful thing and considering the many viewing options online today, large companies like dish are going to suffer for this



I apologize about the confusion. I can assure you that we make every effort to resolve any issue at hand. There may be specific reasons we can not resolve your issue. I understand how frustrating it can be trying to get an issue resolved like your billing, however this would not release you out of your contract. Any time there is an opportunity for us to correct the issue and you cancel the cancel fee would still be enforced. If you still have any questions feel free to email us.


UPDATE....I tried to contact one of the Dish Network employees that posted a response via email like they asked...I will not say who to protect his identity...but I got the very same rhetoric by email that I did over the phone.

Got absolutely nowhere!

I think these employees are just posting to make themselves look good but nobody realizes that they are waisting your time also!

Mark H DISH Network

Hello I am with DISH Network customer service. If you can send your DISH account number I will look into what has ocurred and see what can be done to get this resolved. You may email me at


Hello! My name is Dan with DISH Network. I would be happy to look into this for you! Please e-mail me at:

Daniel Busa

DISH Network

Customer Service

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