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Dish charges services for the month, but they give you paid commericals 24 hours a day and not shows or movies that we pay for, everything they offer on the premium channels are sweet old movies that they rerun during the year. There are thousands of movies out there they only show certain actors and actresses, I'm very disappointed with Dish, most of the shows are for men 24/7.

The movies that they show on the premium channels are also seen on TNT, FX, etc. Guess what?

Their prices go up every year with the same old stuff. It is like they think we don't realize we are watching reruns while we pay these high fees every month.

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Mark H DISH Network

Hello Cherry1101, we understand seeing the same shows over and over can get old. DISH does not have any control on the majority of the content you do see on your TV as this is determined by the channel provider. We do have that has additional shows and programs to watch. Please let us know if you need help with the services or have additional questions.

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Just an FYI unless the provider own that station such as Comcast with certain sports stations, what airs on those channels is entirely up to the channels themselves. HBO chooses what airs on HBO.

Not dish. What you see on HBO on dish is exactly what you will see on dtv and Comcast and twc.

Tv providers only retransmitt the programming but be prices raise because they pay the channels for the rights to retransmit. Your complaint should be registered with the channels individually.

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