if you press guide , the remote will send tv to snow, no pic, unplug to reset, works until you press guide button , then snow,

called dish, to send a tech is $95 ,

told them their junk is in the front yard, please remove it from my property,

they will send a tech for that for free! buy won't send one to keep a customer!!!!!

typical , collect your money but not fix anything

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don't believe them,

I'm sorry to hear you find our customer support unhelpful as that's certainly not our intention! I am very interested in learning about any situation you've gone through with our service if you could please let me know. My email address is michael.lemar@dish.com and I hope to hear from you!


I see their replies on all these complaint sites. They sound so nice, thoughtful, and friendly.

They are not!! We won't ever do business with DISH again.

DanB@Dish Network

I'm sorry to hear that we lost your business due to technical issues. We try to remain flexible for all of our customers.

I'm that we weren't able to accomodate you better. We hope to have another opportunity to serve you in the future.

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