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My family was a reluctant DISH customer for over two years, and during that time I was bombarded again and again with lies and horrible business practices till I just couldn't take it anymore. First, they DO NOT keep to the low price you start with. After locking us into a contract, I would turn on the tv one day and suddenly there were less channels than the day before! First, I had the top 150, then, because channels kept disappearing because DISH says they changed programming, I had to go to the Top 200 to keep watching channels I had with the Top 150 just the week before. It happened AGAIN after that! This last package we had was the top 250.

This last time it involved the CW channels among others. We watch The Vampire Diaries or Supernatural, and I turned on the tv one night to tune in and the message on the screen said we hadn't purchased those channels. What??? I always had them before. People who have a converter box and NO CABLE can even get that channel!! So why didn't I have it now? I called DISH and they said they had changed those channels to something called Super Channels. They were now going to be an extra $7 a month. So, now, on top of the price of approx $70 for the Top 250 I have to pay, and also on top of the added cost of the DVR, the RENTAL FEE for the box itself, I had to ala cart pay for these "Super Channels". Are you kidding me??? By the time it was over, my low, low monthly rate with DISH of $65 a month was actually costing me $99.50 every month. Sounds a lot like their commercials where they accuse DirectTV of doing the same thing, doesn't it?

Oh, it doesn't end there- it gets worse. Because of some credit issues I have had in the past, I have always been required to be a Prepay Client. This means I pay at the beginning of the month for the service I will get that month, you see? So on the date my bill is due, I am paying for what I will be watching in the future. I could no longer afford $100 a month, it was getting ridiculous, so I called DISH and told them I wanted to drop the Top250 and get something cheaper. Perhaps the Top 200 for that month. I was told I would need to pay the $99.50, and THEN I could change the programming to a cheaper version. I say again, ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? I asked them, if I intend to only use, say $75 worth of programming, why would I pay them $99.50?? And furthermore, what would happen to the approx $20 difference? Where was that money going? They told me it would be credited to the next month. Unbelievable!!! I told them if I had $99.50, I would just keep my Top 250!! I wouldn't be reducing my package! The man who was on the phone told me I should pay my bill on time and I wouldn't be having these problems. Oh, I see. So now not only are you an ***, but you're a judgemental *** at that. I truly cannot believe how DISH treats their customers, and how they can possibly price and bill people like this! I am going to the BBB and any other outlet I can find and issuing complaints till something gets done. They are liars, cheats, and they shouldn't be in business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Tv Package.

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I've reviewed your post and would be happy to help you with this! As a network provider, we pay the networks to provide you with their programming, so we have only limited control over the prices they demand from us to carry their content. The channels here and there that you've noticed taken away could be due to both takedowns, which occur when our contract with a given network has expired and we were't able to reach an agreement on a new one to continue the carriage, and free previews, which we choose to run sometimes for a temporary period of time so everyone can enjoy the programming on a given channel that isn't offered in all packages. Free previews are not permanent as they're meant to be temporary free trial periods.

The introductory price is not guaranteed for any period of time as pricing is always subject to change. Remember, we pay the networks to carry their programming and must structure and price our packages and other services based on what's demanded from us.

With a pay-in-advance account, any change in the services, whether it be programming or other features, will require any prorated charges up to that date be paid in order to take effect.

I would like to take a look at your account to see all that's going on to better assist you if you could please email me your account number at Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing from you!

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