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As we all know Dish prices just went up another 5-10 bucks that is why you are getting Starz OR Encore free for 12 months, not so much because of the "30th aniversary"

This is what you can do. Its SIMPLE, SWITCH & SAVE.

I'am an autorized retailer of DirecTV.. (, scroll down until you see "find a retailer" type in zipcode 75042 and my company is called "Satcom Satellites" and we are located in Garland, Tx.

You will get the new current customer promotion including pricing. Yes that does include FREE HD FOR LIFE.

On average we are able to save customers between 15-45 dollars a month.

Look into it and give me a call.

Jordan Brown (Authorized Retailer/Rep of DirecTV) 214.901.3086 (cell)

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I have a Dish Network welcoming program with basic channels including boomerang, food network, and much more. its only 15 bucks a month.

Can DirecTV do that?

I don't think so. 8) :x


miblue & JBrownDirecTV,

I apologize there was so much confusion regarding your pricing. We make every effort to provide accurate and consistent information to our customers. There are some situations that may cause your bill to increase or change; expiration of promotions, price increases, additional receivers, additional features, additional programming. Each year we negotiate hundreds of contracts with the network providers to help keep our customers cost down and remain the lowest all digital pay TV provider. Since we are dedicated to providing the lowest cost to our customers, there may be times we enter in a contract dispute with a network provider. We understand that this may affect current shows or packages you are watching so we work hard to fight for a fair deal on behalf of our customers to prevent a large price increase. We do have new customer offers, the promotion is based on the normal package price minus the new customer discount of $10/$15 off for 12 months and the ad says that we do have the ability to change prices. On 2/1, the normal price of your (choose package) increased by $5, though you are still receiving the same $10/$15 discount per month as advertised. We continue to offer the lowest everyday price in the pay TV industry, saving our customer money every month as compared to our competitors! We do not have a way to provide a price for the full two years of a contract. The main reason for this is because of our contracts with the network providers. Our customers sign up at different times throughout the entire year. It would be unfair of us to charge one customer a price and another customer a different price for the same programming due to an increase demand from our providers. There is not any way for us to anticipate the increase each provider will ask each year or anticipate the actual increase through negotiations. Therefore we do not have a way to include that increase into a customer’s price of their contract. It would be unfair for us to charge a customer the outrageous anticipated amount networks demand and than six months later come to find we were are to negotiate a fair deal from hundreds of the providers for less than what we anticipated and charged customers for. We provide customer with many promotional credits and/or free programming, once these have expired the original cost of programming would be restored to the customer, and any promotional programming with be charged if the customer has not removed it at the end of the trial offer. Customers are allowed to change their programming any time during their contract with us as long as they have the minimum package. Some customers will find that they do not watch all the channels or have a financial decrease during their contract with us, for this we allow a customer to change their rate by changing their programming and options on an account. We do not hold a customer to any package that they initially signed up with. We do not require any notice for our customers to change their programming in order to reduce their bill. What sets us apart is that we are also taking two unprecedented actions in the industry by giving all existing customers a price freeze on all DISH America and America's Top packages (excluding AEP) until 2013. The 12 months of premium programming at "no charge" for our 30th anniversary was a gift and not to be confused with our programming price increase. None of our competitors can say anything like that! If you have any questions I would love to further assist you with them as well. Let me know if I can be of further assistance please let me know.


Yes frozen unless you decide to raise the price as we all know your contract states you may change pricing and programming at anytime.The customer though can not do a darn thing when you do it.You are a very shady company Dish.


Can you explain the lawsuit with Tivo? Oh yes can you always explain to the Dish Network customers why you guys had a contract dispute with Fox?

Running out of money to pay for contracts? So in return the customer gets extra fee's on their bill.???

Mark H DISH Network

DISH Network is not the only company to raise our prices this year; our competitors have raised their prices by an average $4 to $8 this year. What sets DISH Network apart is that we continue to offer the lowest everyday price in the pay-TV industry, saving our customers money every month as compared to our competitors.

Prices on all our most popular packages are frozen until February 2013! This includes DISH America, DISH America Silver, DISH America Gold, America's Top (AT) 120, AT 120+, AT200, and AT250.

The free programming offer was in celebration of our 30th Anniversary and not tied to the price increase.

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