I cancelled my Dish service (We hated it from the start of the long two year contract) and received two boxes in the mail that included shipping labels and packing instructions.

I had rented one DVR receiver and two standard HD receivers, plus had purchased one receiver. Dish sent two boxers, one for the DVR receiver and the other for two standard HD receivers.

Since I could not find instructions that specified exactly what two standard receivers to ship back, I simply packed the first two I from my stack of three and shipped them to Dish.

I later got a call from Dish saying I would owe them $200 dollars since they had not received all their rented equipment. I called their customer service department and was explained I had shipped three receivers and expected my account to be closed and my unused fees to be refunded.

The customer service rep explained that they could not verify I had shipped back three receivers and needed to check with her warehouse. She told me she would email the warehouse and we should expect a replay in 10 days ( I wonder if they send their email via the post office)

I ask the representative to assure me that Dish would not charge my account $200 since I had returned what I thought I was expected under my agreement with Dish. She told me not to worry, I would not be charged and we would hear back from them.

One week later I got an email saying my account had been charged, so I called Dish and spoke with one representative who seemed confused, when I asked to speak to her supervisor she put me on hold and after about 15 minutes the call was disconnected.

I called back, spoke to another service agent and he transferred me to Eddie Muro who called himself a Customer Resolution Executive. I explained to Eddie I had shipped one DVR and two standard receivers to dish and expected not to pay $200 and to receive all credits due.

After some discussion Eddie Muro from Dish Network came to the correct conclusion that my one remaining receiver must be the rented receiver not the purchased receiver (they are exactly the same). He said that since I had to return the rented receiver or face the $200 charge.

I asked Eddie if they could just take the paid for receiver and call it a closed case. Eddie said Dish had discarded that receiver. I asked if that meant they threw it in the trash and I never got a straight answer.

After some discussion I told Eddie I would send back his worthless to me receiver if he would assure me that I would not be charged $200 and not be forced to pay shipping charges again.

Eddie and I then spent well over 50 minutes on the phone, Eddie was sure I had received instructions explaining exactly what to ship, I assured him I hadn't. Eddie also indicated the receiver I owned had no value to Dish but the identical rented receiver would cost me $200 if not returned.

Eddie Muro said he would send am email asking Dish to delay charging my account but he could not assure that it would indeed not be charged before I could ship the worthless to receiver.

I asked Eddie Muro of Dish if I could speak to his supervisor. I was placed on hold many times, generally for over 5 minutes, once told I would have to wait over 10 minutes then finally told I could get a call back in maybe 10 minutes maybe 24-48 hours.




Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Receiver.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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As huge as their business, one would think that they would have strategically placed field offices in every state so that you could turn it in. Also send a tech to come out and get the equipment for turn in. I think they don’t because this is just another poor business practice to receive money.


Prosecute Dish


I cancelled my 2 year contract at 20 months and was told i could 'dispose or sell the DISH equipment". I then received an email stating they would be sending a box for the equipment.

I emailed their care@ addy to ask why their rep would tell me to dispose or sell and then send me a box to recover if their (DISH) intention wasn't to try to charge me for not returning equipment. I told them I thought they were shady and unethical and that I would file a complaint


Please don’t go with DISH. My mother is still getting call from a collector saying they never got the package that I sent. I will gladly meet them in court.

Darlington, South Carolina, United States #1248933

never pay dish with anything but a credit card that has a dispute policy to credit you for bogus charges. you would have to provide the proof (letter) confirming Dish received your equipment (only) and the charge would be reversed. Problem solved.


All cable/satellite companies are the same I have worked for two others & most are call centers that are just vendors & don't have access to all the information at the warehouses directly. (Also the warehouses are vendor sites too).

Supervisors may be in another location or both the rep & sup work from home, so you have to rely on 'chat' in order to get one to help, they aren't right there to come over to help you.

Just saying....they all work the same way.


You need to beware when dealing with any company in todays competitive environment. They all have their pluses and minuses an they can change daily, because of companies trying to increase their bottom line or hiring poor employees or having poorly trained employees.

You may get angry at one company and jump out of one frying pan, into another, or worse. I don't think that most companies or employees try to deceive customers, rather their is miscommunication or a poor process on the companies part that leads to upset customers.


Glad I red this note as I was going to use them.. Now I think O will use Direct. Thanks for the note

Ardmore, Oklahoma, United States #962002

I just got a call 2 months after returning a defective receiver and getting a confirmation email they had received it. Now I get a call saying I'll be charged if I don't return it!

I call them saying I returned it and I got a cofirmation email 2 months ago. I don't have anything else to send you! The rep said she'd document my call but couldnt guarantee I'd not get charged!!

I said I better not or I'll leave the service and go to direct. She said "I'm sorry ma'am but there are no records here that you ever returned it" Unbelievable that such a profitable company can't even keep track of this stuff.

Placerville, California, United States #957044

Same story with us. Three months now, after we mailed everything back to them, and they confirmed they got our package, and soon after have been sending us bills for the equipment we already sent back, stating they never got it.

Each time we talk to them they say they will fix it.

But they don't. Worst company EVER!

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #932896

I am a senior citizen woman who lives alone. Dish TV has told me that I have to climb up on my roof to remove parts from the dish to return to them.

If I managed to get on my roof, and I fell off, I could lay in my very private backyard with a broken hip until I died. I did not put this antenna on my roof, their contractor did, years ago. This equipment is long paid for, in my opinion, and they are ordering me to put my very life and health in jeopardy. I have told them that they can come and retrieve this equipment at their own expense, the same way that it got here, years ago as I have said.

I can see that I am going to have a battle with them in the future over them trying to make me pay a ridiculous amount for an obsolete piece of junk. What's wrong with these people?

Bellaire, Ohio, United States #913443

I am having this same issue with Dish. I returned my equipment over 3 years ago.

Got a letter from a collection agency that I owe dish for my unreturned equipment. I have no proof after 3 years that I did send it. I called dish, they were very rude, and basically told me, pay it or we will make you pay it.

I will never ever ever ever consider dish, and if I move to a home without cable access I will do without before ever using them.

Stay away people, stay away.

Muskego, Wisconsin, United States #882566

I will never use that company again. Horrible.


I was sent a replacement receiver and also was sent instructions on how to mail back old one..long story short I followed instructions even had my fed ex confirmation.and one month later had a 199.99 charge on my bill,they said they never received the box! Called and told them I mailed it and that I had confirmation...got the whole wait another month to see if we receive it..Bs....after I said cancel my service they magically found it! I really think they are scamming people

Walnut Creek, California, United States #678639

I just cancelled my dish service two weeks ago. Am starting to experience some of these issues.

Was told my equipment was obsolete because it was 8 years old and didn't have to be returned. Now I'm getting VM's that I will be billed for non returned equipment. Am awaiting boxes for return. If not received in 1 week, will ship back at my own discretion and pay for proof of delivery.

Such a lame way to conduct business. I am sorry to admit I used their service for so long and trusted them as honorable.


I understand your frustrations and would be happy to look into this for you. Please email me your account or phone number at becki.barned@dish.com

Becki Barned

DISH Internet Response Team

to BeckiB@DISH Los Angeles, California, United States #668270


I just cancelled my service a few days ago and a couple of (so far) minor issues had occurred. First, I got an email stating that the return shipping boxes were being sent out, only they were being sent to the billing address and NOT the service address. It clearly stated in my account these were in 2 different states so why would they not go to the service address? I had to call in to customer support to get it fixed. Second, the rep that corrected my shipping box issue told me we had to return part of the dish itself (LNB?) with the receiver/remote or be charged. I told him the rep that I cancelled service with told me not to worry about the dish, I only need to return the receiver and remote. After a little digging, the 2nd rep said he found a note by the 1st rep that said I didn't have to return the piece off the dish.

For now, all is good. My family out of state, for whom I purchased DISH, is waiting for the shipping box, but from all of these horror stories I've been reading about regarding DISH's return process, I'm thinking this isn't the end of it. BTW, I asked the rep about the service where a tech comes to your home to remove/return all the equipment instead of shipping it all back. The rep said you have to request it BEFORE canceling service because they can't schedule the service call if the account is inactive. :? The rep I cancelled with never even offered it as an option, only the box. I would've gladly paid the extra cost to ensure that DISH got all of it's required components back instead of possibly being told something's missing and being charged like these other folks.

Hopefully, my return will not have any other issues.

Oak Grove, Kentucky, United States #593603

They took your paid for receiver and refurbished it and sent it out to be re-used. They Bullshitted you.

to X-Dish Tech Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #1307123

This what I think happened to me. Only I received a refurbished receiver and it keeps shutting itself off when I am watching tv.

As a former technician does this sound like something that would occur with a refurbished receiver?

Thanks for your help. Linda

to X-Dish Tech #1542565

Dish network is a sinking ship

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