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Winstream signed me up for their bundle package. DISH was included. I was to get 2 HD receivers that would give me HD in 4 rooms; DVR capability; was told that I could tape 4 shows at a time with my DVR Receivers; was told all the channels I would get for the same price I was paying now for cable - but in HD. And I was lead to believe all of this was for about $50. Then it took four visits to my home to install the dish. Two Whole weekends wasted. It Took 4 people to install my dish. The 1st 3 DISH employees all had lame excuses not to climb a ladder to put a dish on top of my house, because it is 2 stories. One said all of his equipment was faulty - but he never tested any of the equipment in my home; One said he could not install the equipment because we were down one TV (had 3 of the four) needed for the install, and One said that he could not install the equipment because it was raining. I made sure the TV that blew up was replaced for him but rain blew the third installation date. He told me that I did not need the 4th set for the install anyway. The 1st two guys also told me that all DISH's equipment was refurbished, thus unreliable, and I would not be getting new equipment. This did not make me feel good about the company. All TV's, accept for one, were each getting a receiver, so the fourth guy did not see why that was a problem (3 or 4 TV's)...and he had worked on the rainy day....guess that was because he was a subcontractor (NOT a DISH EMPLOYEE). Then when all was installed the price Windstream quoted me for HD 49.95 was now $20 more. What? DISH claimed that was their regular price and did not know of the price I was quoted by Windstream in their bundle. They should not have other companies selling for them if they will not stand behind the prices quoted by them. If Windstream does not pay the difference, I am told that I can just have it all ripped out at my own expense ($360). Windstream said they would get back with me in a week (It has now been two). I plan to have it ripped out if the difference is not paid just on principal! And, I will not pay for this, since I was told 49.99 and did not sign a contract agreeing to more. I talked to customer service (DISH & Windstream), and they only served to frustrate me further. I plan to post all of this on the net under horrible experiences with DISH NETWORK & Windstream! Seems I am not alone. Windstream refuses to give us a tape of the call with their rep. and says we can just break the contract with DISH - and pay the fees to do so. They know they are in the wrong but won't do what is right. These companies are bad news! What Can We Do?

Damage Resulting:

Both Companies Seem Unscrupulous. Windstream says it will take a month to find the tape of their rep., they are encouraging us to just break the contract and pay DISH. They don't want to admit their part in this.

Review about: Dish Network Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $50.


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Hi, this is Alicia Brink.I'm with the Executive Offices of DISH Network.

I apologize you had such a bad experience. I understand your frustration when a technician could not install for safety reasons. Normally if a customer has a 2 story house we try to do a pole mount if it is not safe for the tech to install on the roof. I know that even though it seems like the rain should not cause install delays that when the roof is wet even a little it can be very slick especially when installing electrical, heavy, equipment on a 2 story building.

We try to provide as much information as possible. We do have 3rd party retailers that we allow to sell our services and we make every effort to ensure they are providing accurate and consistent information.

There are some situations that may cause your bill to increase or change; promotions expiring, price increases, additional receivers, additional features, additional programming.If you have any additional questions or concerns please let us know.

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