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Update by user Dec 27, 2011

DISH official reply to my email complaint:

\"At this time you do not need to upgrade your receiver. I do apologize for any confusion.

Eventually all programming will be broadcastin HD and the current receiver you have will not be able to receive HD. It is not necessary for you to upgrade at this time. In some areas it is necessary to upgrade to receive these channels. Our agents may have had some confusion regarding this.\"

Since filing this complaint we have had one more unsolicited call trying to sell us the upgrade.

Here is a DISH number you can call if you experience a similar problem: 720-514-7175. Ask for a Valerie Lindow.

Original review posted by user Nov 26, 2011

We received several calls from authorized DISH agents or affiliates (they had access to our customer record on the DISH system) telling us that we needed a new receiver in order to receive the same channels we currently receive. These agents wanted our credit card number over the phone, which I did not provide.

We called back DISH customer service and the rep confirmed that we needed a new receiver for which we would have to pay a one-time charge and lock in for 24 more months of service.

A friend then alerted me that a scam may be going on. I called DISH again today and after venting my anger and threatneing to complain to the FCC, I was told the truth -- I don't need a new receiver for the channels we currently get from DISH.

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