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DISH did not honor their one year agreement to lock in price at $24.99 with a 2 year agreement. Price went up after only 5 months, and when i called they would do nothing.

Then the price went up again at the one year mark.

I contacted DISH and requested to drop down one level l to offset the price increase. After 2 months , they raised the price back up again even though there was to be no price increase until 2013.Talked to 2 service reps on "online chat' and one live conversation with service rep, but they are unwilling to honor their end of agreement.

I have tried on 4 occasions to resolve this. We will fulfill our 2 year contract and then drop the service. Their business policies and practices border on fraud in my opinion.

There is no way to resolve disputes. Be very cautious!

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This is a "no win" for both DISH and myself as a customer.

The final word from a Customer Service rep. that was assisting me in this complaint is, and I quote "We reserve the right to change any and all prices, packages and programming at any time, including without limitation, during any term commitment to which you have agreed" (The information is provided and available on DISH website in a copy of the DHA Agreement)

Does not matter what they quote you in media or the orginal paper work, it is that one little phrase that allows them not to honor their one year lock down price.The lesson learned, read the contract in detail and expect the unexpected.


Since you say your bill went up after five months, it sounds like the $6.00 per month equipment protection fee which is free for the first four months in the current promotions.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #440896

Peggyo, you should feel lucky,after reading the posts on this site I think they are cheating me.I have been with them 10 years and they have constantly went up were I was paying 86.60 a month for 200 top channels and one movie channel encore, have 4 tv hooked up.Now bill came in today and its 96.60 a month.I called and they lowered my channels to 120 and the bill will be 80.00 per month.I do not have a contract so tomorrow I will be comparing service with my local cable tv colbridge, if they offer more for the same price I will be cancelling Dish network.P.S. if you ever get operator WIX from dish network when you call hang up and call back,she does not care if you stay a customer or not.


Thank you Thomas from DISH for your reply and concern. I want to gather my notes, paperwork and misc details and will email you March 1st.




It sounds like the increase in the first few months may have been a promotion expiring. Removing the service that was part of the promotion should lower the bill down.

I would need more information and have to view the accounts billing to get more information on the additional increase. This does sound very frustrating.

If you have any general questions you can post here. If you would like to talk about the account you can email me directly at

Tommy Faust

DISH Social Media Representative

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