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I just cancelled my contract with Dish 2 months before it ended( I knew ahead of time I would have to pay $17.50 for each month left) Instead of the rep telling me I would have to pay to ship THEIR equipment back to them, he told me "we will send you two boxes with labels, if you use our labels it will cost you $17.00 per label to send it back. So of course, I asked what was another option, he said I could use my own labels, but he doesn't know what it would cost. I informed him that I am a small business owner so I could use my own labels, and if I did, will it cost me anything because based on the verbiage he was carefully using, it sounded like he was trying to avoid stating the fact that I, their customer of 2 years would have to pay to send them their equipment back. He even had the nerve to ask me if I could go on top of my roof with a ladder to get a device off the satellite dish to return to him! I told him absolutely not, I will not be climbing ladders and going on roofs, that is their job. I have to add that it's mighty strange how they can quickly dispatch someone to install their dish on my roof the next day if I was a new customer, but they want me to go on the roof myself and they don't have anyone to come out if I want to return their equipment. So I then asked well if I just print in ink the return address on the box would it be free, he said he didn't know, when I later asked the same question a different way he said I wouldn't have to pay for shipping if I used my own label. So I called the UPS store and relayed what the Dish rep said to me because I wanted to be clear if Dish was charging me for shipping or not. This is a big deal not only because it appeared to be deceptive to not disclose that they charge for shipping, but mainly because I am unemployed so for a company to tell me something untrue, then I go to ship something and have a surprise bill is not cool at all. UPS explained that based on the conversation I had with Dish, yes, I will be paying for shipping, just how much would depend on whether I used Dish's labels or not. He added that it might be a little cheaper to use Dish's label but they could check with and without to afford me the opportunity to go the cheapest route. I then called Dish back, spoke to a supervisor and told them how unprofessional it was that upon me questioning the rep multiple times as to if I had to pay for shipping, and him telling me not if I used my own label, that their rep would lie, and that could be considered deceptive practices. Instead of them openly disclosing that they charge their customers to ship their equipment back, they train them to say that we are paying for the shipping label. She indicated she would note my file and my dissatisfaction, and I also let her know that I would be taking my complaint to,, my state's AG, and any other website or anyone considering going with Dish.

So anyone considering Dish as an alternative to cable beware, if you have a major storm like snow or a tropical storm, etc, you could be out of service for awhile, as what happened to us during a tropical storm we were out for days. They do nothing about it because they already have you in a contract. There have been many times that we have lost signal in the middle of our favorite tv shows for several minutes, and if you call and complain about it, there is nothing they can or will do. They will send you a letter letting you know their prices are going to increase but yet they will send you for months on end these beautiful, glossy cards on expensive cardstock in beautiful, thick glossy envelopes telling you if you refer a friend you get $25.00 or $50.00 by way of $5.00 credits on your account each month. It make no sense, because they send them by email and mail, and all I do is throw the mailed ones away, but yet they keep telling me prices are going up?

On top of that, each time you call them, they ask you to do a customer service survey, while that's great that they can tout their record of great customer service, does it really matter if your company has great customer service but the actual SERVICE, which you are paying for is lacking?

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Tv Service.

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