In March of this year, I discovered via my annual credit report check that Dish was turning over "my account" to a collections agency, saying I owed them $445 for charges from last summer.

I have never had an account with Dish, never received any bills from them. It's possible that my roommate hid the bills from me, but I never saw the bills. The apartment complex I lived in at that time does not allow satellite dishes, so I could not have had Dish service there, and I would have immediately addressed the issue when the first bill arrived. Of course, I can't prove that my then-roommate set up this account or hid/destroyed the bills.

When I first called Dish, I couldn't get any info about the account because I didn't have an account number and my phone number wasn't on the account.

I finally got the account number from the Collection Agency and contacted Dish again. The first phone rep I spoke with told me the account had two addresses. One was the billing address where I lived at that time.

Dish will not reveal to me the other address which was the "service address."

Eventually the Dish phone reps passed me along to someone in "Executive Resources" who said I had to file an ID Theft report with FTC and a local police report and Fax all that paperwork plus more to their "Identity Theft Investigation Team." I've sent umpteen pages of paperwork but Dish still says I owe them $445. The Exec guy gave me his number and extension (not a toll-free number, of course) and said I could call him anytime I had further questions. When I called that number a couple of weeks later, I got voice mail and left a message for him to return my call. He has not.

My local law enforcment investigator says I must have a copy of the bill before he can initiate an investigation into the fraud. Yesterday, I called Dish and asked for a copy of the bills. I was immediately passed along to yet another person in "Executive Resources," who told me I would have to get a subpeona to get copies of the bills.

Said subpeona must be Faxed to their legal department, then it will take several weeks for them to review the subpeona and comply with it.

Here's the catch, I can't get a subpeona without a copy of a bill.

Dish, of course, refuses to give me any contact info for the ID Theft team or for their legal department, other than FAX numbers.

I'm totally stymied as to how to resolve this since Dish refuses to give me any info about the account except for what I've included here.

I have reported the ID theft to all three credit agencies, but I want Dish to remove this account, remove the charges, and remove the fraudulent account information from my credit reports.

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Seattle, Washington, United States #687539

They are doing the same to me. Actually this said account was aquired in 2006 for 800 buck.

they then said it was cleared up after the investigation. Now in 2013 the same account is here for the same collections? Sounds like a bull *** scam by Dish. I will take them to court for fraud.

They let someone use information that was not veified and signed for.

This is costing me thousands in % on loans. I will require them to pay for the damage to my accounts.


According to the FACT Act, both the business and the credit reporting agencies must supply you with the results of an investigation within 30 days after receiving your police report or an FTC complaint affidavit, this might be the way to get the information you need, they cannot refuse to do an investigation, you can sue under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, FCRA, if they do not cooperate. Be careful about providing more personal information than they already have like “signatures” to Dish or collections Co. as they may use it to your detriment, consider redacting more personal identifies than they already have, ask the police about redacting personal identifiers also.

In addition, if you send the credit reporting agencies the police reports, or FTC affidavit according to the FACT Act they are supposed to block the information on your credit report within 4 days of receiving your notification if this has affected your credit.

I suggest consumers also take their complaints to their state Attorney General’s office as in 2009 Dish signed on to a 6. Million settlement with 45 state AG’s called the “Assurance of Voluntary Compliance” agreement, due to all the consumer complaints, in which they agree to stop their bad behavior, but they have not.

Isn’t it odd that Dish could not find you to authenticate the application when they opened the account at an address you have no association with, but now miraculously you are found and slapped with a bill? If they pulled a credit report to open the account it would have showed you are not associated with the address the service was requested for, check for an initial credit inquiry by Dish.


This happened to my husband as well. Not once, but TWICE.

We had this very issue three years ago. And today I got home to another $3000, (yes that is three THOUSAND) dollar bill from a collection agent. This takes forever to clear up. Filing forms, gathering police reports, contacting credit agencies.

It is a nightmare! And now we have to do it ALL OVER AGAIN. My advice...let the credit agencies know that you have not and WILL NEVER use Dish Network and have them make a notation to this affect on your accounts. I will never, ever use this fraudulent company.

And there "executive fraud team" is horrible. By the way, why do they need an "executive fraud team"....because this happens ALL THE TIME!!!!

Boycott Dish!!!!

West Olive, Michigan, United States #365944

I have similar problem with them and no one is helping every one is passing me along to 3039428600 number and all those ppl ask me to fax paper work and i have faxed it morethen 3 times now i am about to go to small claim court. i saw this and thought i post if miss Alicia Brink could help me before i have to go true the darn small claims


I am having exactly the same problem, someone used my social security number to open a dish network account, i am in the middle of buying a house, escrow has been open, my credit score was at 800 couple months ago, now it has gone down to 670 due to a collection account from dish network!!! I called the collection company and found out the address of dish network was serviced, called dish network and tried to have them issue me a letter so i can get on with buying the house.

They told me I have to go through with FTC, police reports and all that stuff, i just filed the police report and it will take few days, and my escrow has been opened. I don't want to lose this house. I told them the person who used my social security number has a different name, i have never lived in that address, i can show them my ID, social security card and anything they need, just to work with me...they refused to do so and insisted to follow their procedures.

We are all human being, there are always exceptions, I am a victim of ID theft, why should i be suffering? I wish there is a better way to solve this problem, i am very angry right now!!!


Anthony Rockport,

I would be more than happy to look and see what we can do for you. Please email me the account number, your full name, the address on the account, a good contact phone number, and a detailed description on any details you have regarding this. I would be more than happy to work with you to get this resolved quickly.



Same thing happened to me except in my case, I am in process of buying a business and trying to get a Business Loan,, Called them and even paid the accounts (yes two of them that totals up to almost $900)

they faxed me a zero balance letter which does not help my situation (I need a deletion letter).. I truly hope to get a deletion letter otherwise I will lose my deposit in escrow ($300k).


Hi, this is Alicia Brink. I'm with DISH Network customer service.

I apologize that this has happened to you, it is terrible that anyone would have to go through an identity theft. We understand how invasive and traumatic it can be when someone steals your identity; we would like to ensure this is resolved.

We have steps in place we can use to assist you. It seems that this was unsuccessful for you, so if you still need assistance I need to get more information on your account so please email me at Alicia.Brink@dishnetwork.com

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