The bill was 29.99 package deal ...that's how they reel you in...now its almost 70.00 with no one on there behalf calling to say hey we got promos when we see on their commercials stating that we have a good package deal for 24.99. And you think to yourself hey why am I paying 70.00 when they are throwing a promo deal for 24.99.

Not to mention the crappy networks given in the package. For 70 dollars you expect a free HBO or something...but the company does not care about its customers only those annual sales. The 2 year lockdown is horrible as well and if you violate that agreement they charge you 300.00-400.00 penalty charge. Avoid their scams to empty your wallet and just stay away from this company.

You don't believe me... jus look through the internet and read all the complaints DISH NETWORK has throughout the web from similar complaining customers.

DO NOT bother with complaint agencies because they do nothing and are working with these companies... that's WHY NOTHING EVER GETS DONE.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Suck.

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Quit complaining about a service you chose to have. It wasn't forced upon you.


I've been quite satisfied with Dish. That said, $70 is significantly lower than the average Dish customer, and incredibly less than the average pay tv subscriber.

Dish average customer OTA about $90, and pay tv average is about $115. That means you are paying well below what others pay, so any premiums would be at a cost. Also, the promos for new customers is for the first year, and full price the second year.

This is common with the industry standard. You also must pay anything extra you have such as multiple receivers, DVR service fee, HD(unless you meet the qualifications for HD free for life).

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