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Worst cable service ever!!! This company creates attack adds on Direct TV talking how they are raising their rates without giving the customers anything in addition but Dish has raised our rates 10 dollars for no apparent reason.

When I called to question this they stated its across the board and out of their hands. Sounds just like their attack adds doesn't it but only describing them. Further, when they were negotiating with AMC we called to see if AMC was going to be shut off and were told by numerous agents that it was not true. Of course,when the deadline came there was no more AMC until enough people got angry.

Now that I've finally cancelled our service they not only want their equipment back but we have to pay to send it to them!!! Direct TV not only did not want their stuff back but they considered it purchased by us because we had been customers so long. We were with Dish for 5 years but they apparently have no such program. They just keep charging you while they can.

Of course when you call to ask about any of this their agents are trained to lie!!! Nothing but liars to work for this shoddy company. Will never make the mistake of going back to them again. Also, the packages are the same rate as Direct TV without any of the good sports programming to go with it.

Go Direct TV. Stay away from DISH.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Tv Service.

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Aurora, Colorado, United States #645831

I see you're frustrated and would be happy to help you! Please understand that as provider of the networks, we have limited control over the price demanded from us by the networks to carry their programming.

Given this, we have no choice sometimes but to raise our prices. In order to optimally assist you with your concerns, please email me at michael.lemar@idsh.com and I'll look forward to speaking with you further!

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