I was to have my service moved by the "Mover" Program. Yesterday the technician came over to inform me I am unable to receive service due to line of sight issues. He contacted customer service to advise me I still would be required to pay for a service even though I could not receive service. Ethically I had a problem with this. I was put on the phone with a "Supervisor" by the name of Paul LS 7? I explained my dilemma and he stated his job was to "ENFORCE" the contract that I apparently signed, he said he was customer "ENFORCEMENT" not Customer service. I have been in the customer service/Construction Management business for 27 years and I was applaud at the verbosity of your "Supervisor" He continued to tell me it was not his fault I moved to a place that was unable to get Dish service. I explained to him the move was done out of necessity due to a family tragedy. He could have cared less. Even your installer was shocked at his aggressiveness. By the way the tragedy was my Sons suicide! Thanks for caring DISH.

I am shocked that your company is so over the top aggressive about collecting for services that can not be given. Especially when it is no fault of my own. The right thing to do from a customer service stand point is to say we are sorry and let me go so I will come back again in the future.

I am so disgusted that if not let out of my contract I will continue to spread my story.

Monetary Loss: $352.

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Toledo, Ohio, United States #620364

Dish installed a satellite facing the woods at my home, meaning I could only get service in the winter. So, when it came spring I could no longer get service because there were leaves on the trees.

They lied and deceived me into signing a contract. I was told by a technician I would have to put my account on hold until I move. I want to disconnect my satellite but they are saying its too early because I put my account on hold. I didn't want to put it on hold I was forced to because I could not get service during Spring, Summer, or Fall.

They should have been honest from the start and should have never installed a satellite.

This is an terrible company. I too will continue to share my horrible story because I am disgusted with their practices.

Inola, Oklahoma, United States #617745

DISH treats their employees worse than the customers. They fire employees for reasons that are just rumors.

I gave DISH 100 percent but because i sided with a customer i was fired.

DISh always wants the JD powers award but until they treat their employees and customers right they will never get the award. The treatment the employees had to put up with is really sad because dish does have the best equipment and programming but that will never make up for the was employees are treated.


First of all I am sorry for your tragedy. However this goes back to the importance of reading things before you sign them.

Go online and read a copy of your contract. The supervisor should have been more sympathetic however you agreed to the terms of the contract, not him. And BTW, i don't know why you would "applaud" the verbosity of the supervisor. Maybe appalled is a better term and spelling.

It's call proofreading. I'm just saying.

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