I have been a subscriber to Dish Network for several years. I recently upgraded my service to HD programming. I was told when I ordered the upgrade that there would be no additional charge nas I had Autopay set up. Dish sent a tech out and he set everything up on the equipment end of it and was very courteous.

the problem began when i went to look at my bill online and saw the extra charge for the HD programming. I immediately called them and reported the charges. The lady I talked to advised me that i needed to go to their website and sign up for the free HD for life. i told her this was the first time i was told this. She walked me through what to do and I followed her instructions while we were on the phone. She told me she would adjust my bill and remove the extra charges.

That night after I got home from work I checked my e-mail and saw that thery sent me a notice that i had unsubscribed from autopay. I went to their website to look at my account and saw that not only was I unsubscribed from Autopay but that they had deducted the incorrect bill amount two weeks early. I call them back and told them what happened. I also told them that I live on a budget and needed the money they took out early to pay other bills, license renewals, etc. She said that she would refund the money back into my account but it would take three to five business days. I told them I needed that money immediately however it didn't help. Now it has been a week and i received a message on my answering machine that they sent the money to my bank and it may take up to another week for my bank to process it.

Today 4/22/12 I spoke with Hector at 303-942-8600 Ext #52784 and told him that I had called yesterday and was told the money should be in the account by the end of the day yesterday. Well the money was not in the account. He told me there is nothing else they can do that the money should be in my account tomorrow. He also told me that this problem was initiated from my end as I authorized the payment. Well I did not authorize the payment. I simply followed the instructions of a Dish representative in order to get the Free HD for life deal.

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