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Worst company ever! I cancelled my service because I couldn't afford it anymore.

I received a package to send my equipment back and over 90 days later received a bill from Dish saying I owed them for shipping charges. That same day I checked my machine and had a message from a collection agency. They sent me to collections. I'm not disputing the measly $16 but they never sent me a bill or a phone call or any notice of any kind that I owed this money and they want to try to ruin my credit!

I will never under any circumstances get Dish again! Ridiculous!

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Timed Out2

That's Just the thing dish will offer all of these apologies and nothing gets done really. I have been on the phone with them all week complaining about them removing 210.18 from my account when i called and talked with a representative and asked them not to pull it.

Make a long story short. I have called several times and given them a tracking number aout a returned receiver to refund back to my card. RUNAROUND, they have either hung up on me or transfered me to executive reps. no help she couldn't see the tracking number I've been giving them all wee, but, (SHEHAS MORE ACCESS THAN THEY DO WOWWWWW!!!!).

I have nothing but trouble with dish and now until they can resolve my issue I will complain on any blog I can find also put up flyers to let people know not to deal with DISH NETWORK. I am truly on what you can say team aggravated.


I apologize about the experience you had with DISH. If you would like to email me your information I would be more than happy to assist you.

I apologize that we did not notify you of any fees, however if you can please send me your account number I would be more then happy to get this resolved for you.

It is never our intention to make our customers feel the way you do, if there is anything we can do to better your experience with us please let us know. You can contact me directly at Thank you for your time.

to Kimesco_DISH Thatcher, Arizona, United States #606374

Dish net never send a call tag for thier equipment, 3 1/2 months no boxes no call tag. now they have charge my account $477.00.

Any idead how i can get these chages off my account? i requested calkl tags and boxes again, 1 1/2 months still nothing.

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