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I ordered a bundled package through At & T whom I had phone service already. Dish Satellite subcontracted to D&M in DesPlaines Il. I am in Burlington, WI.

First appointment was for 12-4 Fri. "Peter" called at 4:45 to tell me he would call later to tell me when he would get there- he needed to do another job first. He called again to tell me he would be here a little later. He never showed/called. I called both At&T and Dish. They informed me they would be here Saturday. I waited all day. No show- no call. I called them again. Dishes Diana (No. USP) said they would send out there own crew and install on Sunday. I waited all day. No one showed - no one called.

On Monday I called both companies. Ann from AT & T got Dish on the phone and was informed that it had been "rescheduled" installation for Monday between 12-5, again with their own crew. I took off work and went home to wait.No show and no call again. I called them both again. Then Monday night late I recieved a call from D&M who said they were just notified of the installation order and they would be here first thing today. At 9 a.m. their installer "Peter" called me to say he was the installer. He is the very same man who called and failed to show on Friday. I asked for his bosses name. He hung up on me It's 10:41. He hasn't showed up. I called his company. They answered the phone and asked my named. When I gave my name they told me they don't speak english and hung up on me. I called Dish back and talked to Charlie. He told me I need to call the installer myself - they couldn't. And I should just wait.

I am still waiting....

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Installation.

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go with Direct TV way better :eek


I live in Caseyville, Illinois. Had the same problem.

Got the package through AT&T to save money. Had Directv for over 6 years. Boy was I *** to change!! It took two weeks for them to show up.

Had to make repeated calls. Then when the guy did show up he didn't have the right tools so once again it was rescheduled. Another week went by before he came back. By this time I was really angry.

I had been with out TV for three weeks. I told the guy I was no longer interested in having Dish Network and asked out of my contract. He informed me that since I had signed it THREE WEEKS AGO with At&t I was contractally bound to it. I called At&t and they told me the same thing.

The guy who put it in even messed up our phone line and we had to have At&t come out fix it, AT MY EXSPENSE. I have Dish now and I can tell you it is inferior to Directv. To all of you thinking about changing, DON"T! It is so not worth the effort.

Instead of saving money I ended up paying $236.00. RUN, RUn, RUN!!!!!!!!!!

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