I agree with others posted here.

1 - Bring back Fox News now!

2 - Too many channels to get the few I watch, charging more than I want to pay.

If Dish did not offer Fox when I first considered them, I would NOT have signed on with them in the first place!

I don't think they are listening. DISH needs more pressure to get this done. Blaming the other side does not help. I want Fox News, so I will find a service that offers it PERIOD! If not from Dish, I can get it elsewhere.

I am prepared to drop Dish TV if Fox News does not return, and SOON!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Tv Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Denver, Colorado, United States #925017

It's funny how many of you say "don't blame the other side," or "I'll switch if you don't get it back," but then say that DISH pulled the channels for "bargaining." Get your facts straight:

- DISH offered an extension to keep the channels up during negotiations. 21st Century Fox refused.

- 21st Century Fox is attempting to bring in other channels DISH ALREADY has contracts for into negotiations. That's like saying DISH is happy to buy the house, but we're going to make you buy that new car you just bought all over again to get the house. Uh, no.

- You say DISH doesn't care about the "little guy." Are you aware negotiations happen, oh yeah, FOR the little guy.

DISH would probably be happy to give you channels you watch, even a la carte if they could, but channel owners dictate what packages channels are in, if other channels must be included and for how much. You'd be paying thousands of dollars per month if they just gave in to original pricing. There's a reason DISH has remained the cheapest provider in the nation, even given the industry issue of rising prices.

- Switching ENCOURAGES channel owners to raise their rates. They see you're willing to pay that higher price elsewhere.

Then you'll pay again. And again. Again. Switching providers is THE NUMBER ONE reason takedowns happen.

Now who's to blame?

Others of you mentioned court. Do you also realize DISH has worked with the Attorney General (and lawyers, of course) to ensure agreements are fair and according to normal operating procedures approved by them? Well, that happened in 2009. I'm sure the courts would be happy to show you how DISH is trying to help you.

Want to complain and actually make a dent into something? Call FOX! Call the Supreme Court! Get with your local congressman!

Tell them you have issues with greedy channel owners demanding unreasonable things. Then call DISH, understand what is happening, and be PATIENT! Remember, patience is definitely a virtue.

Maybe FOX will finally realize what you need due to their nearly 700,000+ in viewership drop the past two weeks... I'm sure they're hurting.

Hong Kong, Hong Kong (Sar), Hong Kong #924727

Dish TV has now revealed their business model.....screw the customer over by canceling channels. They pulled this same *** in October by removing CNN, HLN, Cartoon Network, TCM and other channels.

I am sick and tired of paying for a package of which I do not view 80% of the channels. Why are we forced to buy a package that Dish can change when they want and change pricing when they want? We customers, who pay for Dish's operations, are getting effed up the @$$....

These unilateral contracts need to be challenged in court. I am switching on Monday if FOX News is not back on the lineup.....

Montana, United States #922057

Get Fox News back on dish. I don't care what the issues are solve it.

Fox did not walk into dish network and flip the switch to off yes dish you did that. You chose to shut it down while trying to get a new contract thinking of it as a bargaining tool. Pull your heads from your rear and do the right thing give us Fox News back. Most of us will be changing services over your stupidity.

Saddens me as a loyal customer over 20 years. Dish is not looking out for us the paying little guy.

Henderson, Texas, United States #921124

I was with Dish Network for 11 years and I didn't wait. Switched to Direct TV and couldn't be happier. Promotional offer has me paying half what I was for a year and I got Fox back.

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