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On January 7th I called 1-888-825-2557 and placed an order for dish tv with Ryan. He said they could install on Wednesday January 17th, I asked if they had a Saturday available, he set me up for installation for Saturday January 19th between the hours of 12-5.

No one showed up, I called the dish phone number out of my local telephone book 1-800-206-8113 and spoke with a gal that said I would need to call 1-888-347-4881, which I did and spoke with Will, operator # 336 he said that my install date is set for February 8th. I told him that is wrong that Ryan set it for a Saturday Jan. 19th, specifically for a Saturday because that is my only day off. He said no, it is set for Feb 8th. I said that doesn't make any sense,that is a day I am not even home the only day I am home is Saturdays and further more I explained why in the world would I call and set up for a month later! I asked to speak with Ryan the original person who set up my order he said they have no way of knowing who set up my order. I said "certainly there must be a name or id # attached to my order there, he then gave me Ryan's Id# of 72L, (apparently Will initially lied to me). Will said I would need to call the number that I originally called on Jan. 7th to get to Ryan as he (will) is in Colorado, (I live in Washington state).

I called 1-888-825-2557 to speak with Ryan operator #72L, Tiffany told me that they have 6 different call centers and it was not possible to speak with Ryan. Tiffany listened to my complaint of no one showing up for todays installation (Jan. 19th) and said she would call dispatch to see if they could come out today. Tiffany said that they could not come out on Saturdays because they only install here on WED, FRI and Sundays. I explained to her that that would not work and I would have to cancell my order for dish service, she connected me with someone else. I then was connected with michael ID # M5X, he put me on hold for 10 minutes and then came back on asking if I wanted to continue holding while he tried to connect with dispatch. I told him that Tiffany already did that and the reason I was connected to him was so that my order could be cancelled. He asked me if I would like to set up a different day, I told him I had already been through those options with Tiffany and he needed to cancell my entire order and have my master card credited back which dish had already take on Jan. 8th.

I am completely dissatisfied with dish tv network customer service and the run around I get. My time is valuable and I have spent way too much time with this already and just to be dissatisfied. It seems to me that the customer service of dish and seemingly america as a whole as outsourced pretty much everything and I would rather go without service that have to deal with your company's outsourcing nightmare. The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. This is a shame!

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Acampo, California, United States #2139

I second your comments. They're aweful to deal with.

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