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This is a horrible company, – Dish TV uses a subcontractor named: HaloPrime which use to be INSTALLPRO, INC - they sent one of their installers to my home on the behalf of Dish TV (without my knowledge that they did not work directly for Dish TV) and their installer caused $4000+ in damage to my 6 month old home which is the first home I purchased!

The installer refused to listen to me when I informed him that the previous owners had Dish TV and it was already set up with an existing satellite on my balcony and the cable was already connected to the ones that ran through out my 2 story, 2000sf townhouse, he decided to drill a new hole through my exterior wall, run new cable along the entire south-side wall by using 3” brass screws into my molding causing it to crack in several places, cracks that measure from 7” to 18”. The installer also damaged my new bamboo flooring, he chipped a nickel size hole and scratched it in 3 places next to the wall where he installed the cable. Halo Prime, mainly Cameron Palmer treated me extremely unprofessional, said that there is no way possible for me to prove that the installer caused the damage to my floor and all that I would ever see from Halo Prime is $250.00 to replace 1 small piece of the molding. I refused that offer as I just spent over $20,000.00 renovating my first home with 80% of my life savings invested into and that they need to do the right thing and pay a contractor, not me to perform the necessary repairs that were incurred by this company, this was on Monday, December 15th, 2015, I have not heard back from him or any representative of Halo Prime! I am now trying to deal with Dish TV, however, I was informed by a Dish TV supervisor in the damages department that Dish TV did not do the installations, Halo Prime did and I have to work it out with them!

I wish I was aware that Dish TV protects themselves by using a shell company; Halo Prime and Dish TV does not stand by their customers and that they intentionally use subcontractors so they cannot be held responsible! I did some research online to find out that this is a very common occurrence with both Halo Prime and Dish TV.

I was threatened by Dish TV that they will charge me $400.00 if I decide to cancel my services or do not pay my bill, which forced me to pay my bank $40.00 to stop the automatic payments to my debit card and I am now about to spend $1,200.00 for a lawyer to start to sue both companies!

I strongly recommend doing your research before you allow either of these companies into your home or access to your debit or credit card!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Installation.

Reason of review: THey damaged my 1st home and refuse to repair what they have done! I do not want cash in my hand, I want a contractor to fix their damages to my 1st home!.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

Preferred solution: This is my final attempt to have this resolved before I file a lawsuit which will cost me more money! Have a contractor fix the repairs to my home! .

I didn't like: Breech of contract.

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