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Thank you for submitting a complaint to the North Carolina Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division. We’ll review your complaint and work with you and the business to try to reach a resolution of your dispute.

Please remember to mail copies (not originals) of any supporting documents such as contracts, bills of sale, receipts, written estimates, or warranties to our office at:

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ConsComplaintID 4681

* Last Name Correia

* First Name Geraldine

Middle Initial

* Mailing Address 645 Emily Ln

* City Chapel Hill

* State Nc

Country, if not US

Day Phone Number (including area code) 919-610-3897

Evening Phone Number (including area code)

Fax Number (including area code)

County of Residence

Email Address

Cell Phone Number (including area code)

I am a military service member, veteran, or military spouse No

* Full name of company Dish network




Zip Code

Country, if not US

Company’s internet address (URL)

* Telephone number, including area code 888-826-8137

Fax number, including area code

Product, item, or service involved Dish tv and internet

Date of purchase, service, contract 1/10/2014 12:00:00 AM

Manufacturer or brand


Account number 8255909902970703

Serial number

Did you sign a contract or a lease? Yes

Start Date

End Date

Total amount paid

Amount in dispute

How was payment made: Cash

Did you buy an extended service contract? No

If yes, name of company responsible for extended service contract or warranty

How was initial contact made between you and the I responded to a Website or e-mail solicitation

Where did the transaction take place? Over the phone

* Details Was sold a bundle of dish internet and dish tv with hopper. Have had no or little service since first day. Have 4 tech visits and still not working right. Dish has now offered us out of contract on internet but not the dish tv. Dish tv has a lot of features that will not work without internet but we are being told that because we can still watch basic tv without the internet that they are not going to let us out of the dish tv contract. When we ordered the service we were told that we would have use of all features if we purchased their satellite internet so we did . Now that they cannot make internet work we are being told we have to keep the dish tv and just deal with not having use of the featured that require the internet inc. On demand , hopper with sling , or any of the other Hopper apps or features that use internet. We would understand if we had purchased the internet separate or from another company . But we purchased all together and was told it would all work together. And now that it doesn't are being told that we can only cancel the internet part of it without being charged cancelation fee. We have only had service 22 days and had 4 tech visits . We feel we have given Dish every attempt to make everything work and now it is time to give up and cancel everything without any penalty .

Have you contacted the company with your complaint? Yes

If yes, name of person most recently contacted Office of the president

His/her phone number, incl. area code 1-888-826-8137

Results Originaly told if after last tech visit they could not make everything work . They would cancel everything with no penalty . Then everything worked for 2 days and so we called again and now they are saying that they will only let us cancel the internet. So we were lied to last week when the other person told us that to give them one last final attempt to fix or we could cancel everything with no penalty .

* What resolution would you consider fair? Same as we have asked from start make it ALL work or take it ALL out with no penalty .

Prefix Mrs

Do you have an attorney in this case? No

If yes, name of your attorney

Attorney’s number, incl. area code

Has your complaint been heard or is it scheduled to be heard in court? No

If yes, where and when?

If already heard, what was the result?

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Bundle.

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