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DO NOT CHOOSE THE the Dish Network !!!

Absolutely brand new Dishnet customer as of 15:30 hrs Eastern on 12/02/2013. By 16:00 hrs the same day I was an upset Dishnet customer and after 30 minutes on the phone with customer service I am a HOSTILE, DISSATISFIED AND DECEIVED

Dishnet customer!!!

DO NOT GO WITH Dish Network SAVE YOURSELF A TON OF AGGRAVATION here is how our experience went.

My wife called and thought we were getting The Hopper and HD. The installers come out, state simply "We are with the Dish Network here to install the service you ordered. The installers finish, hand me a busted screen PDA saying "Would you sign here and initial there stating we performed the installation". After I sign my wife asks "How does the Hopper functionality work" and the installer says "ohhh this isn't a hopper system it is a STANDARD definition DVR system.". I ask how we fix this and he says "Well we dont have the HD equipment with us but if you just call customer service they will take care of it for you". From that point on I only heard about how it was going to be additional fees for equipment, 460.00 dollar early termination fee if we want to cancel and how the installers told us exactly what they were installing when they arrived (lies lies lies they didn't advise us of anything other than who they were and why they were here).

My absolutely favorite response from the office of the president mind you now was "Well you saw the equipment being installed you couldn't tell what you were getting!". OMG these people, as a combined group, are at the very least the WORSE customer service experience I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. Worse is I have to believe it is encouraged and TRAINED dysfunction due to the consistency of the answers (though the office of the president does get extra points for what I believe to be individual creativity in providing horrible customer service.)

You stand warned. If you go with this company you asked for it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Customer Care.

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North Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #757130

Dish customer service reps generally suck. If they actually fix anything , they must fire them on the spot.

Conroe, Texas, United States #754352


We're pleased that you've considered giving our service a try as we'd love to have you apart of the family! It sounds like the sales representative processed your information and set up the features, like credit/debit card autopay because you wanted to order our product.

Please understand that in setting up service with us, we do require the card information to cover you for the first month's service in advance. Please let me know any other details of the situation so I can further assist you.

Conroe, Texas, United States #754347


Our sales representative will create the work order for whatever service you request to have installed. Please email me your account number at so I can review your information and further assist you in getting this straightened out.

to MikeLDISH123 Bartow, Florida, United States #754401

OK Michael Lemar. I'll give you a shot at straightening this out.

Stand advised that any communications, in any form, will be recorded. For the record everyone who reads this I will be emailing Mr.Lemar by 20:20 hrs on Saturday December the 7th.

I will update this post of the success or lack there of.

Macclenny, Florida, United States #752048

OMG! These people are INSANE! I ordered Dish yesterday. He asked for a credit or debit card, in order to run a credit check. Today, I got a much bettet deal with DirecTV. I called to cancel and was told that my credit card had already been charged!! I NEVER authorized this! Even worse is that I find out they put me on an aitomatic bill pay! I don't pay bills on my credit card.....I NEVER have! The *** told me I authorized it. I disagreed. He then said that he would check the recording. I said, "Please do!"

He told me to call 1-800-333-DISH, to have them reverse the charge.

A foreign lady told me she fixed it, and then asked if I wanted to automatic bill pay removed. Duh! She then transferred me to so,eone else. That lady told me that the first guy didn't cancel my order. UGH! What a bunch of liars! Run far away from Dish network!, :(

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