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Dishnet advertised in direct mail and on television their satellite delivered internet service which offered a 10mbps speed for %59.99 per month plus taxes and equipment fees. Based on that representation I ordered the service and it was installed on October 10, 2013. I needed the service so I could work remotely from home.

The internet service never worked to the speed of Dishnet's claim. On two occasions thereafter I had a technical support representative come to the house and try to get the service to 10mbps. They failed each time. The service rarely got above 3mbps and barely got to 6 mbps. This is as slow as old modem dial up speeds. the internet connection was so slow that I could never download files from my office and the general speed was so slow it was infuriating to use the service. After repeated calls to Dishnet's rude and discourteous customer service. They keep you on hold for half an hour and then say they cannot help you...Dishnet informed me that there was nothing they can do to fix the problem--they claim there was no problem. I cancelled the service. After less than 3 months of this ridiculous service I cancelled it and they now have sent me a letter and posted to my account that I owe them a $367.50 early termination fee for cancelling the service.

This is ridiculous. The service never worked as it was represented. Dishnet breached the contract that they claim the "early termination fee" is secured by.

I should not have to pay this. They deceived me into buying a service that did not work as represented in their advertising.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $368.

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Mayo, Florida, United States #795003

I like Dish Network, I love watching movies that have as much as 53% commercials. I also love the fact, that during Spring, when it rains for 40 days and 40 nights, guess what no TV, your bill will stay the same but you don't get any TV.

I basically only watch 4 programs on Dish, NCIS, partial signal loss, complete signal loss, and my alltime favorite, acquiring sattelite signal, this should only take 15 min, which is actually 30 minutes. I have XM Radio in my veh. the antenna is about 1.5in square, works perfectly in the rain. However this hunk of 50's tech that adorns my front yard, can't seem to quite get the jod done.

I hear it's the same *** with Direct TV. Google Earth has a satellite or access to a satellite, that can read a license plate from 80 miles up. This is the 21st century Dish, If you can't run with the big dogs, lay on the porch. I called them on the 53% commercials thing, and asked why do you run movies with 5 min.

of movie, then 5 min. of commercials, then 5 more min. of movie, you get the picture. Her answer, are you ready?

Thats not us, thats the networks. I said, let me ask you something honey, if you get caught with a trunk full of pot, who goes to jail, you or the guy in Columbia who grew it? She hung up on me. If the answer to customer questions is not on her que card, she can't answer the question.

Tell you anything? Now lets discuss some of the finer programming Dish has to offer. First of all you have three catagories to choose from 1) America's Top 120, really America's top 120? We are in trouble.

I'm not going to list all 120, but allow me to share some of the most elete. Angel and Angel2, (don't ask) Buy, Church channel, Gems and jewelry TV, Inspiration Network, Jewelry Television, Mall?, Prayer( Do you actually need a TV to pray?) Now I will give them credit, there are a couple of channels on here, for people with a higher than 30IQ The History channel, and the whether channel.

Now we move on to America's top 200, don't get excited, you don't get 200 new channels, you get 80, they dump those on top of America's Top 120 and wala, you have 200 channels. Now they do have a couple interesting channels on the AT200, they even have two that are edcational and geared for someone with an IQ of above 100, Science and The History Channel. Lets move on to America's Top 250, and one again, don't get excited, they just dump another 50 on top of the 200.

This is where the best they have hide. H2, Military channeh, DIY, NatGeo wild, Fox Movies.

Last but not least the network that runs the most commercials during a movie is, drum roll please, AMC.

Cutting edge tech. where you can't get cable.

to RETICLEVIEW Florida, United States #1034884

Ha Ha Ha,

Loved the trunk analogy ! Thanks for your review, spared me from buying into the same mistake ! Thank You Pissed Consumer for providing a space in the Web for Real Reviews by Real Customers !

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #791627

Correction to the OP. Dial up is much slower.

Specifically 56kbps. That's much much slower. That's kilobits per second. Not megabits.

Anything over 700kbps is high speed.

Their internet is up to 10 Mbps. Soooo the etf is valid

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