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My parents where wanting dishnet, They had called and scheduled an instalation. they were unable to be at home for the instalation and asked if I would drive the 3 hours over and meet the installer, I agreed to.

I opened the house for the installer and paid for the instalation with my credit card. A few months later I noticed a 400.00 charge to my card, i called dishnet and asked why?, they said my folks were behind on payments and since my card was used in the install they could bill what ever they wanted. My folks where out of the state and had payment set up on auto draft and for some reason, dishnets fault the payment wasnt charged. so they cahrge me the 400+ then another 120 the following month.

Not one phone call to say we're going to charge this unless the accouont is brought to 0. I will nor will I allow my folks to ever use dishnet again.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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I apologize about the confusion with the charges. When a customer opens up an account we advise them that we require a debit or credit card to be placed on file, in case the account is closed and the equipment is not returned or if there is a cancel fee. If this is your parents account you would have had to provide this card to us advising it was in your name and we would have had to collect the card number and authorization from you. When the account is closed due to non-payment the card is charged for the equipment. Once the equipment is returned or the account is restarted we can credit the account. If you have any other questions please let us know.

Alicia Brink

Executive Offices of DISH Network

to AliciaB_DISH Fair Oaks, California, United States #643948

I just got talking to a account specialist and they were rude I have been their customer for over 2 years they told me if I get another box it would cost 7 a month instead they charge me 13 then they told me no charge for installation but they charged me 95 and pro rated something else for 22 in the end when i asked to cancel the account they want to charge me 320 and they will not take the dish off of my roof it mine to keep I never wanted to cancel but they gave me no choice I need help and do not know what or where to go. I don't want to ruin my credit can i take them to small claims what other option I have PLEASE SOMEONE HELP my email is automax.usa@hotmail

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