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Was nearing the end of my contract (due in November) and speaking to customer service rep about other options at end of October. Somehow on my next bill, I was charged an early termination fee of $200.

Why they did this is beyond me, since I did not end my service with them (I, in fact, had kept service with them until January--chose to go with another provider after Dishnet continued to charge me this fee). I would not have terminated a contract early if it was to expire in less than 2 weeks, anyway.

No lie, it took me over 8 months, numerous calls, and hours of waiting on hold to get the bill resolved. I couldn't understand how they could have stretched this issue out when they could clearly see the date I actually ended service with them was 2 months after my contract was up.

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Good luck getting your defective modem replaced. Last month I went through my entire 10 GB of data within 3 days.

I checked the modem and noticed that the "send" light is flashing continuously even when my router is disconnected (it never did this before).

I purchased 1 GB of additional data and kept the modem turned on with the router disconnected while I ran some errands. When I returned home I went to the MyDISH website to check my data usage and it used 300 MB all by itself!

I called DISH technical support and explained the situation. The guy at the other end explained that the modem is behaving normally and that I used up all of my data by watching YouTube (bulls***).

I filed a BBB complaint and am waiting to hear back from them.

I am also considering contacting the Attorney General's office. These crooks need to be put out of business!


Because politicians look out for the rights of businesses. If you owed them 200$ they would charge you interest and the whole 9 yards. It's a messed up world.

Cayuta, New York, United States #660774

DISH Internet has been horrible. Customer service reps seem to just lie to get rid of you. Went through three modem failures in the first 4 months. Each was replaced after waiting e.g. going withoug internet) 4 or 5 days for a service guy to arrive. Service guys are friendly and competent and happy to brag about the good money they are making - hah! Satellite still craps out every time there is a minor storm or rainfall even. First installer showed us a "speed test" showing 10 or 15 mbs downloads but nowadays on a good day we get 4 or 5 mbps.

When we signed up 10 months ago there were a number of options for 10gb, 15gb and 20gb monthly data and I think higher ones. since we NEVER view sreaming video we figured the 10 gb would be fine. Except for constant outages it was for a while.

At some point they arbitrarily removed the higher gb options and when we ran into a usage limit (a death in the family brought a number of folks to the house - everyone found out how nasty DISH can be when they "throttled-down" the whole family.) I asked to up to 20gb or 30 gb from 10 and they told me that was no longer an option. They offered what they call "30gb" plan but is is only 15gb with the other 15 "off-peak" (stay up after 2 a.m. or get up before 8 a.m. for that action. So we got the 15gb plan.

Still suffered through periodic slowdowns and never more than 4-5 mbs but never went over the 15gb.

Last week the system was crawling again. I checked our mid-month usage (17 days into the month) and it showed a startling 17.9 gb used. Now this is just my wife and I and we are old-timers and do not download or access the high-bandwidth stuff (e.g. streaming video) and don't spend all day on facebook either.

DISH is unwilling and unable to EVER explain this sort of "overage". I have figured out that beyond their reps constant fake barrage of "we will do everything we can to help sort this out" they basically do nothing.

So this week we showed 179 gb usage halfway through the month - inexplicable and impossible. I called and eventually got to one of their broadband "specialists" (hah!). Since I have learned not to even bother worrying about HOW we got over 15 gb in 17 days I just asked if there was an option to BUY more gigabytes to finish the month.

The ever-helpful (but, as usual ever-useless) rep said "Sure... for $10 a gigabyte". No that was a *** indeed but we need the access ("throttled-down DISH is 128KB speed - about 1/40th of their marginal average speed and 1/100 of their promised speed).

I swallowed my complaints and said "great - I will buy 5 gb for the rest of the month - bill me the $50 and that is that. She said great - that will take 20 minutes to apply.

Did you guess where this is going - I bet not. System ran faster that afternoon but next day was crawling again. DISH siate "usage meter" showed a cryptic "16.1 gb used over 15bg limit" (rememver yesterday it was 17.9 used and I bought 5bg more ? Billing computer was happy to report that I had been billed the extra $50 though. So, dreading it, I called.

Amazing. the rep said he would "do everything we ca to resolve this". He said the system showed the extra 5gb purchased but also that we were over our limit again. I said that was truly impossible - 5gb usage in 20 hours would be 4 or 5 full-lenth videos in a day. I assured him that this time I KNEW their system had screwed up. So he poked around.

Then he told me that adding 5GB the day before was the problem... they only allow adding 1gb at a time... you have to wait until that is used up to buy another 1gb... did I mention that the rep from the other day never mentioned this.

Not only that but he said the "order" for 5GB (did I mention I was billed for this) had screwed up their system and messed everything up so that I would just have to wait until 12 days from now to get un-throttled access. He told me he would revers the $50 charge and I guess expected me to thank him!!!

Needless to say I was flabbergasted - I was wishing I could throttle less-than-helpful "Peter". I asked him about just cancelling the horrible service and he said they would be happy (indeed) to do that for $240 cancellation charge. I finally relented and started to (politely - really, no cussing) tell him how unhappy I was with a situation where they sold me 5bg and then it turned out that was not only "allowed" (hmmmm) but somehow screwed up their incredibly complex book-keeping system so that my internet access was trashed for 2 weeks.

"Peter" (probably Rajnish) told me "thank you for calling DISH"... I just sat on the silent line... waiting to see if he would hang up on me. Apparently their call "script" does not allow that so he kept asking me if there was anything else (! hah) he could do for me. I told him he could get me back some regular speed access. He acted as if that had never come up and said he had done that had set us up with a generous 1gb of increased limit... eventually he hung up on me. My system ran at "normal" speed for the afternoon... but today is is once again "throttled-down".

It will almost be worth it to give them the $240 so I can be done with them and maybe switch to HughesNet which sends me a flyer every month. I figure the DISHnet financial algorithm has already figured out how much more they make fromaggravated customers who quit... either way they win.

Avoid DiSH if you can.

to DISHisTHEworst #851490

@DISHisTHEworst How did you feel when you found out that DISHNET is just the name they use to sell HUGHESNET to dish customers and you paid for the same service(if you switched) It's a scam.

You have to be very careful and know a lot about computers to avoid using your internet up in 1-2 days. I would recommend getting a program like netbalancer that lets you throttle what your computer is doing.

You'd be surprised at how something as simple as leaving a webpage that plays videos open by accident can kill you.

Or windows updates.

That almost got me yesterday i installed office 2013 and it has a nearly 2 gig update to it i didn't notice it was updating till it was 20% done :(.

10 gig is not fair access it's a ripoff and taking advantage of people. Especially elderly who don't understand bandwidth.

to Peter griffon #929940

The only purpose of data caps is to make money and not have to upgrade their network. Think about it - it only costs a few cents to transmit 1 GB of data yet they are charging $10 per GB after you exceed your monthly quota.

We are also paying for data we have never asked for.

Advertisements and auto-play videos use up data - these can be blocked, but not everyone knows that it can be done. And as you mentioned, Windows Updates use a s***load of data too.

Dish expects us to perform updates and other large downloads during the off-peak hours (2-8 a.m.). And that's another scam - advertising 20 GB plans and only letting you use half of it during the day and the other half at night.


Hi, this is Alicia Brink. I'm with DISH Network.

I apologize about the confusion. We do not charge a cancel fee until the account has been closed. If you cancel your account before completing your contract you will be charge a fee, however if you only had 2 weeks left the fee would have been less than $10.00. Unlike most companies we prorate your cancel fee; so if you do choose to disconnect you are rewarded for the time you did stay with us.

It may be possible that you had signed an additional contract for an equipment upgrade or a promotion sometime during your service with us. If you have any other questions or are still not sure what the charge was for please let us know.

to AliciaB_DISH #851487

Might, could have been.......translation we ripped you off and now we are going to have the audacity to call you a liar when you call us out on it.

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