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well this is how it goes... I contacted dish network about some services about 3 months ago ok?.

Well they said they need to verify I have an active acct or I woud have to pay like 200 dollars in upfront fees fro their services, now this is all taking place while these guys, one for the cable and one for the internet were texting and laughing together. I felt something wasn't right so I kept the internet guy on the phone while I checked my bank acct and they charge me 4 different charges. I said oh *** no,I told the internet guy to transfer me back to the cable guy and he said he couldn't, so I said really, but there was no problem with transfers earlier. Anyway I hung up and obviously I was at a third party site that dosh authorizes to sell their services..

Now 3 days ago I get a letter from Convergent outsourcing saying I owe a bill of 781.80, so I c alled dish and let them know real quick like that I already had to file a complaint to get all my money and overdraft fees from the bank back from yaw, from your fraudulent activity now I owe a bill doesn't make sense. they told me to call federal trade commission so I did filed a report now I have to file police report send copy of drivers license etc.. this has caused me a lot of stress. They wouldnt even tell me who it was or the location, when asked, because i told them I have never had a dish from anyone.

They stated it was over 12 years ago and the name is same but ss number is different. Now I am like well why am I gettin the bill this is way ***. Now i am looking at these papers SMDH.

these people need to be sued, and I may be the one to do it. this is fraud in all forms.

Monetary Loss: $11000.

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I know how concerning this situation must be for you and would be happy to provide some clarification. Please understand that in a case like this, if your personal information has apparently been stolen for service with us, it becomes a serious security precaution to not release any specific information about the account we show on file.

We need to get it handled appropriately and professionally via a standard set of procedures for you to follow.

I'm sorry this happened to you and can imagine your frustration. I hope this helps.

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